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Dec 14, 2016
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Lesley Lelly Garwood

Face to face talking…no phones, no Facebook bullshit…old school…so you can read the body signals…look at the eyes..

Brian Fauth

i didn’t know that existed anymore

Dean Downey Jr.

YES!!!, Like an actual phone call or talking in person. Not communicating by texting only. WTF?!

Thomas Brady

Especially when phones are off and no one is facebooking!!!

Jim Marcum

Unless, of course, it’s turns into a fight, like many ‘real’ conversations do.

Tim Seiple Sr.

But what I have to say is more important than what she has to say.

Bernabe Ruiz Rosas

Real conversations are indeed sexy. It’s been a long time since I had not one !!

Dean Ross

Well go ring an intelligent cunt up I’ll be in the bedroom waiting

Anna Wiktoria H

Oh and you know what else is sexy? Real, dissents not cheating, funny, smart guy ? that is damn highly level sexy thing ☺️

Jom Eugene Jambongana

About ideas and endless possibilities with someone who is mature and genuine. Idle small talk is pointless…

Amr Mohamed El Nagar

Yaaaaa, ya jooo soft voice ,eye contact , beauty smile قلبت علينا المواجع يا قلبى

Samantha Foxx

Yes face to face with the one you love is awesome and if y’all are naked well thats just an added a bonus ☑️

Aisha Yaqub

No. You know what’s sexy? Knowing someone you love loves you back and is loyal to you. Regardless of the fact you have a conversation or not, or stay silent, hold hands or something.

Holly Behanna

Are human beings even capable of this any longer? Does this statement even make sense to the majority of those reading it? I mean, I whole-heartedly agree with it…above and beyond almost everything else, but it seems to have become such a foreign concept, I am not sure it is really possible.

Kailyn Frank

Dear person in my heart, but too far from my arms. You once asked me why I chose you when there are stronger men, handsomer men. The reason I chose you is because I know we can talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. And everything I say, you listen to, and every time we talk I laugh and feel safe and loved. Nothing compares to our conversations. That is why I love you.

Aparajit Bharadwaj

A one woman man is what I find sexier! U know that u don’t belong there and all those sense of incompleteness is sexy. Always

Daisy Sparks

You mean you love people at 3am when they’re supposedly so open and honest I believe you said it was without forgetting the forget intoxicated!

Chellamma Cariña

Yes …..real conversation……….without hiding what do you think

Jennifer Lang

So true! Texts and calls are great, but nothing beats a good face to face conversation.

Salisha Baksh

Agreed…. Stimulating deep conversation about nothing and everything at the same time

Nick Manning

“Get milk on your way home.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Keep talking, baby.”

Eric Pappas

Even sexier when it’s not on FB. It’s whole ugly world out there folks, get out there and see it.