Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Tricia Dietz

I was focusing on my goals and building my future. Who I thought was the right person came and screwed everything I had up. Now I have to start all over again in so many ways. Won’t make that mistake again

Holly Corbin

That’s why I haven’t been dating some men want more that’s it. I’m just living my life for awhile. Maybe someday someone will come in my life if not oh well.

Katrina Paala

But not all the right partners end up together. Sometimes, they become so busy chasing their dreams, that one of them realizes it too late..

Leeann Michel

Sometimes your partner is right next to you, and isnt going anywhere. ,, and then you know, you’re part of a team. I love you Benjamin Tariq

Paula Kiser

I will never look for another man all I get is heartache pick in my own self up and doing it my self all the good guys are gone

Yashique Hamilton

I hate this everyone already finding or being with there soul mate and I am still here like when is she the special one going to come into me life am so fustrated I hate it 😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😭😭

Angela Petitt

Been there done that…not true. I get tired of hearing the same old pat answers and quotes. Posting something original and authentic is far more useful.

Jen Gable

I have been blocked for years with trying feverishly to progress with my life with a job…it is like SLAVERY and obtain justice for my Daughter, and myself !! I think this statement is BS! If they want to be with you, they will find you and make a ” legitmate” effort to have a ” legitimate” relationship ! Not some scripted psycho drama !!

Patty Lyons

Achieved my major life goals except in relationships. I’m not ugly, mean or stupid. But I’m giving up.

Murmu Rapaz Alok

#Rightperson or selfish person…..
its easy 2 be the patner of well establish #one….
but i find it more Romantic when i nd my girl build #empire 2 geather…

Sunil Francis Saldanha

Lol… Tricia Dietz… We all go through this!!! Be happy just like how I am!! Shit happens I guess!!! You atleast have an option to start over… Im stranded if I should even start over!!!

Felicia Anntoinette Hesse Mastrodomenico

Yep. I’ve lived for love, which stupidly enough, caused me to fall behind. Now I’m at the point where I’m trying to remember what my goals were before I fell head over heels. Smdh.

Heather DiMeo

Definitely focus on your goals and rebuilding your life but the rest is bullshit! Find happiness without worrying about finding a partner because you may never find the right person no matter how hard you try!

August Foreman

Everyone can’t follow this same kind solve-all-problems kind of advice because SOMEONE has to do SOMETHING. If all we’re doing is focusing on ourselves no one will focus on anyone else. And when everyone expects others to come to them when everyone seems to have this mentality, well everyone is going to be real disappointed in the end. Someone has to give. At what point do we draw the line and say “hey, if everyone is just doing their own thing without considering anyone else doing their thing, maybe that means everyone is being selfish to the point of detriment”.… Read more »

Ron Glass

I certainly wish that would happen very soon…do I need to give him a map to finding me…Would like to be introduced to You Now…I am here and wanting to be in a serious relationship with the right Man for me in my Life.

Debra Heath

Hey girl if it is working for you way to go. Sharing whatvbelled you is a good thing. So if it doesn’t work for others or maybe they don’t want to try something different that is thier thing. Keep on trying and eventually it works out. Good Luck

Bobby Fa

bullshit, people or woman don’t come knocking on your door or magically you run into them, you have to chase, romance, or win them over, build trust or friendship or go out of your normal peaceful way to go get a relationship, what a bullshit quote for fairytales

Austjn Lawrence

Well ladies life is like a roller coaster hang on for hopefully your ride will great to the end and as they say as u get older U will become wiser even through hardship but we can’t quit because each of Us has fighting genes in our family we must win play music dance or do what ever u Do to make yourself happy that is the golden rule in our lifetime we made it this far well let’s keep going eat our favorite meal before our time is up Thk U and let the Force be with U

Brent Duane Foster

You can focus on your goals and still remain open to love at the same time.

Another “well-intentioned” quote is,

“You have to be a complete person before you can be in relationship with someone else.”

How many people do you know that can TRUTHFULLY say that they were a “complete” person before they met their significant other?

Naveen Kullu

When you focus on your goals and make yourself prosperous… Most of the people who come into your life are just there to feed on the prosperity you have worked so hard for…..there is no ri8 person …only gold diggers

Servando Garcia

When you try to find a partner most of the time you will end up with the wrong person.