Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Stephanie Hernandez

I disagree. There’s a point when “messing up” becomes more than a person should be expected to take. In that case…where one person continues to make mistake after mistake, harming the relationship if not the person as well, we’ll that’s just taking advantage of a loving heart. No one should have to show loyalty to that.

Ehsanul Hoque Seezen

When one messed up others would to consider as a mistake . And mistake it’s happen always. No one does it willingly.So need to stand on behalf of him.

Kendra Rachelle

No way. You can’t keep hurting someone and expect them to stay with you and then when they leave claim they didn’t love you.

Sharnet Griffiths

Totally disagree with this statement… please retract it.. R u saying if u messed up 3, 4 , 5 times i am to stick with you? thats bull …

Phoebe Lyndell

Define MESS UP? its about loving n accepting the worst in you even you hurt that somebody for when we say “until you will not hurt them” this is conditional love…how many times we hurt God? me, i hurt him over n over again but still His love is never changing for me and He never said that when you are good I will love you. He just said that He loves me without ifs…think of it we are just humans inbound to imperfections because you are doing good does it feel that you are righteous? everyday we sin against… Read more »

Aakash Vijaya

“Be with someone who loves you with consistency. Stop wasting time on the say one thing do another type people. Inconsistent lovers break hearts.”

Princess Jaki

We are all human we all fail and as long as it’s not bad fails like hurt others badly we deserve chances

Sonia M. Cardona

Even “messing up” has its limits. This does mean to be taken advantage of.

Sarah Means

There’s a point where if someone keeps messing up, that person deserves better

Deirdre Segraves

Uh… No… They don’t deserve to be always fixing your mistakes and cleaning up your messes.

Ruby Ann

Totally disagree! If that person cheats on you for 15 years, violates you in the worst way, has a baby with someone else and thinks that sorry makes it all go away. No, you don’t deserve me at all.

Han NA Nguyen

😔 No, this is wrong. We never want them to suffer with us so let them go, they deserve more. I guess there are very few people in life gets loved back by the one they love. It won’t happen to everyone though

Brenden Burley

I disagree, if you mess up you are expected to learn from it. If you mess up and trash your partner in the process wether physically, emotionally or any other unstated method and you expect them to keep taking it then you are an arse hole and they deserve better.

Joshua Wulf

I think this should be within reason not withstanding acts of betrayal and abuse.
Something’s no longer classify as messing up.

Umer Khan

Well wont it be unfair for the other person to tolerate and sacrifice so much for a person who just dont care and hope for the moment that the other person will realize? I guess there are very few people who gets loved back by the ones they Love

Jordon Smucker

Its really just depends on what you’re willing to forgive… Its one thing to lie and cheat.. But repeatedly? There is no excuse and not one man or woman should ever put up with it. I’ve done my fair share of forgiving, but I won’t be so forgiving if it happens again. Burn me once shame on you, twice.. Shame on me.. No amount of “love” can ever over come someone being scum. Life is too short to sit and stress about what someone else is doing.. And if you chose to play that game, at least be the coach,… Read more »

Brian David Kidd

Yet, at the first sign of trouble.
Women are ready to run from a man.
Over any excuse or any reason.
All because she needs what he has & can do, not because she believes in him.
A reason why 70% of the divorces are filed by women.

Lauren Morrison

Exactly!! If you give on up me for little things about me that you don’t like then bye, there’s the door. I’d rather be with someone who doesn’t give up that easily on me

Jessica Oliveri

Can I ask…. should you stand by a person if they leave you feeling unwanted and unimportant in the first few weeks of a relationship? Should u stick that out when u just startin out? Isn’t it different when y’all been together a while?

Sher E. Amore

… and that would be yo mama! 😉 haha
C’mon now, if your partner is continually making the same mistakes (i.e. cheating, lying, etc.) then there’s a total lack of respect!
If that’s the case, you’ve got nothing to work with. Don’t YOU make the mistake of sticking around, to have further damage done to your heart and mind.

Luvlia Hr

If someone has messed up ur life..do u think u wanna still around with them..That a stupid thing if u still remain with them..They messed up the things let them fix their own..Don’t be naive..😒

Tawnyy Hart

No….no. I used to preach this and I stuck by a guy who treated me like shit. Constantly messaged his ex girlfriend and other girls inappropriate stuff. Behind my back! Lied to me about his excessive drinking habits. Called me names, all the time. Ruined my self esteem and confidence….and everything I did, literally down to folding laundry, was wrong and not good enough. And I stayed, despite all this, for way too long. Until I’d had enough. NOBODY deserves that! So don’t put that idea in someone’s head. Don’t tell people it’s okay to mess up, over and over,… Read more »

Kimberley Headford

no, that’s called codependency and enabling which are not healthy relationship behaviours.