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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Memories Never Die

“Be with someone who loves you with consistency. Stop wasting time on the say one thing do another type people. Inconsistent lovers break hearts.”

Sara Morrison

Unfortunately, I have a VERY caring heart even tho it’s been hurt more than I can count so it’s hard for me to know that when he says I’m sorry he’s nice again ?

Fe Anderson

Everybody makes mistakes but we all know wrong from right… I’m looking for someone that’s good love me for me and not for material stuff all the time or for what I have and don’t have…

Joel Penhallegon

This is easier said than done. It’s hard to move past Leslie, since I wanted to marry her and she doesn’t feel the same way.

Aneta PinkAs

This I just wrote…I hope You will like it…if anyone would read it?.. would be awesome to get Your opinion about my text. In this Special Day I lie on my knee before You and kiss the ground where You stepped on.. In this Blessing Day I want to Thank to the Whole Universe that It got Birth You- My Angel In this Beautiful Day I want to give You my life on Your plate I want to eat all Your tears and cook every Your smile I want to drink all Your sickness and swallow all Your problems I… Read more »

Frankie Albert

There is a good side to most people. And I do use the word ‘good’ loosely. When the hurt outweighs the good, you must let these people go…

Fran Martinez

Yup….i learned the hard way..cant change a man once he’s in his 50s…pretty much set in his ways…and I’m sure for women as well….

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Mxolisii Bhebhetshenii Shezii

A good person doesnot see a bad in people no matter how hurt they get because they are living with God in their heart.

Debbie Brungard

What Sonya n Cyndy said. How could one hurt the one he loves. I think the Love of he had it, would have prevented the hurt in the first place. That’s IF he had it!!

Mwink Gordon

It might be, but the bad out weighs the good & I’m good!! ??✌✌

Brinton Liddell

Reality dictates ; some people are just self absorbed idiates. Worthless parasites and a total and compete waist of space. Unfortunately it is usually a good person who is tragically exposed to these worthless parisights.

Jean Bowman

Some of us never learn men think your just going to just keep forgiving them while they continue to lie and cheat well you should learn if he is cheating and lying to me he will do the same to you and men like that end up dying a very old lonely life

Rebecca Grace Tilley

God didn’t intend for people to be bad people make themselves that way, and it’s OK to walk away sometimes…but I will always try to find the good in people because it is there somewhere

Daniel McKim

Never give up hope in someone. This world is a dark cruel place. Some people end up with deeper scars than others. You don’t have to let someone continue to walk over you, but never give up hope or prayers that someone will find their inner peace and change their behavior.
Because with God all things are possible!

Sonya Ybarra

So guilty of this. When I love & care for someone I will find reason after reason after reason to excuse their treatment of me. I’m way too nice & I have a big heart, & I will always try every tactic to be the mender way beyond the point I should. But even I can be pushed too far. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. And they don’t care about you if they hurt you over & over & over & not only refuse to acknowledge it but blame you for the reasons why they do it. It their choice… Read more »

Patty Lyons

Had a “friend” I kept defending even when people said “she’s such a b***ch, how can you be friends with her?” Well my turn finally came and she did something really nasty to hurt me. They were right.

Abhijit Bhattacharya

Believe me, if I wanted to hurt u i could have already. But I have one thing that u dont.
a fucking considerate heart. . . . .

Sentient Souls

Every person on this planet has two sides. Dark and Light. Some people choose to feed their darker sides but that doesn’t mean they don’t have light. Whilst they are choosing to feed their dark side, one should probably steer clear. However, giving one the benefit of the doubt a few times is not wrong. It’s fair, it’s kind, it’s loving. The key is knowing when to stop and just let them carry on until they choose to become better, when/if they do. Could be too late by then but that’s called life lessons. Perhaps the one that was giving… Read more »

Cyndy White

Have to acknowledge that whatever “good” side they have they’ve decided you’re not who they wish to share that with. Now the choice is up to you if you plan to consign on that mentality. Stop breaking your own heart.

Karen Morrison

I have learned the good side is ok to remember .. just can’t let it over take your heart and brain and let u fall into the idea they will see and change cause alot times they are stuck in concrete and they feel the pain they dealt with is what the only know so why hold your self back from someone truely , loving u

Scarlett Flores

I made the mistake of believing it and gave someone multiple chances to hurt me, he hurt me in such a way that I dont even know if I will ever be the person I used to be.

Corne Labuschagne

You can never go back to your past and erase or alter, but today you can have a new start, allow forgiveness and repentance ..upon repeat re-direct your life and ask God to show what He intended for you, but ‘never allow no man or woman to ever take you for granted, as the Spirit of God lives in your soul.

Luvlia Hr

Nobody wanna get hurt not even once.. Once u get hurt & u’ll getting more..it’s totally heartbreaking..so might as well u get rid of them & lead ur own life..?

Bhanu Satyanarayana Chowdary

That is what is called ‘belief’….Such people find love in getting hurted too….