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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Beth Rose Gamble

Actually no, don’t trust that person, unless they have proven that they will not use this vulnerability against you. There are SO many people out there who figure folks out, only to manipulate or control.

Mona Greco

But no one does or cares outside of family…but that’s ok, you never did!

Rupert Pe'terson

I am sorry for this in advance but I need to show this. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=RSdYtPdVeEw

Brandon Morgan-Davies

shame that i can see these things in my gf but she can never see them in me but i know she loves me and she tries her best and sometimes she sees what’s really going on

Julia Ryan Alleman

Lol i think of my boyfriend and sometimes he is clueless xD but he is so cute when he tries to understand. I love him!

Ramonita Mercado

I would like to find that one sister. I believe some day i will.

Russell Ledet

Ouch! I see it, that’s why I’m nervous about facing you. I probably won’t even be able to talk.

Sarah Grace

Trust God not people. Depend on God not yourself. Live for God not ghis world. God over everything.

Surya Rana

I don’t find anyone who can understand all these things.

Brian David Kidd

Men are not here to play guessing games.
Where the rules of what he is supposed to do are set by her and she will not tell him anything.

This isn’t Love, it’s abuse.
Western Women want communication, yet don’t know how to communicate in a healthy way.

Dean Borthwick

Yes some don’t the meaning of True love ❤…they want to be loved all the time BUT FORGET about GIVING IT BACK TO the person they love… Its like a one way with them all the time ….they need they need…..but they forget others need too….to loved the same… If u meet someone like this run ? … Cos they are the most selfish people….

Beulah Rylander

When all else fails, talk to grandma who is always there, expecting the best from her girls! I think she should have earned you trust by now! ?

Heather Marrick

Well, I believe this advice is based on good intentions, but it is unfairly discriminatory against Aspies. It’s right there with the advice to avoid people who won’t look you in the eye.
While those who give such advice may be kind-hearted and mean well, their advice hurts people who can not read faces, find eye contact painful, or have trouble interpreting body language, non-verbal signals, hints, and even sarcasm.

Trust is a difficult thing. Many people are trustworthy and many are not. There really is no way to tell which a person is except by experience.

Oscar Schuh

How true i wouldn’t have ever left my child in the house. I’d been found dead with him or carring him or her in that house. I’ll pray for the parents because their going to live ths moment forever and ever Amen.

Macy Looney

I would like to see the person that puts the past behind them and finds the joy in today. Then your smile will brighten the lives of others… your anger becomes acceptance and you will see the world thru different eyes and inspire those around you that have their on mountains to climb. Much luv to you

Syamsunder Rao Nori

True but too rigid.This may be possible if a person puts past behind and learn to enjoy present because CAUSE and EFFECT are one’s own making.
Thank you for sharing.

Kim Schmidt

Not many you can trust anymore. Too many talk a good talk but when comes to prove…they cant cause they fakes, and live a life of lies. Is sad…no integrity, morals…honor. Too many find it easy to just simply lie…what a life to live…lie after lie.

IamNora Chris

Still waiting patiently for d right person @ the right time.