Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jamie Cox Parr

Except for when the man is married and then leaves his wife only to find out the so called friend was a whole lot more than just friends!

Debra Hahn

Yes sir. That we do. We are the very best fill-in-the-blank people you’ll ever love, befriend, care for, etc., and don’t you forget it. We’ll go to the wall for ya if we love ya, no matter what the context.

Chijindu C Omah

Just waiting for the day “Relationship Rules” will be impartial in posts, stop being one-sided. Na every woman wey need a bad man to serve in all capacities. I hear una.

Reginald Hollingworth

I have an old girlfriend i wish she could understand that at the end of it all we should be friends just because the relationship failed but we were too young to understand but being freinds would be more mature.

Jason Timmons

This is not a true statement this statement is what wrong in this world today it will create problems in a relationship but on the other hand if one woman and one man that is together in a relationship is true to one another and talk to one another about everything you should not need anyone else

Mindy Marie

Leave out the “man” and “woman” and it makes more sense….”All people need good people in their life, especially as friends, it will add value to both of their lives.”

Ruby Bains

😐Woman has been gifted by God to b patient and love unconditionally.
They make a man complete and r really blessed if they find a true soulmate

Craig Smeaton

no he doesnt..n neither does a woman need a guy..if a good girl or guy are friends or more Then it adds value..if not it lowers the value of anyones life n experiences.

Destiny Sharnell Fluellen

Two people in love add to each others lives. You dont need a woman to give your life value. And they dont have to be a woman either. Just putting that out there

August Foreman

Oh look, I was gonna say a vice-versa of this post would accumulate a shit-ton if Hate but they already brought the exact stuff I knew they would to THIS post instead! Convenient!

Rebekah A Shiloh

FALSE! EVERY WOMAN NEEDS SUPPORT AS WELL! I’m refusing all emotional leeches and stop expecting us to be a self filling well. We aren’t. We carry a helluva lot of weight and sometimes it’s just too much to be a mans savior too!

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Jackie Retome

This is only true to those that don’t cross that line and become more than friends. Expecially when one of them is married. Because once that line is crossed the marriage is done and so will the friendship.

Vicky Orta

It goes both ways.. sadly most of the time SOME men aren’t mature enough to see that SOME women are not in it for self gain, pleasure or intimacy .. SHE simply wants a friendship with no strings attached period.

Jayson Adan

Good woman with loyalty and value is the factor of every man’s life. Whether a friend or relationship, it helps to motivate and encourage us to strive better.

A man’s dignity deserved the right woman virtue.

John Moore

My experience has been if Ya treat people with goodness. You get goodness. And if you treat them badly they treat you badly. Not all. But most. But if one of the GOOD beautiful young woman is interested in a single 51year old dad of a three yr old little boy. And is not a money grubbing drug addict. They need to look me up. Don’t need a mother…..need friends….

Daniel McKim

I don’t agree with this one. It’s important to have good friends wether male or female. And Women are just as bad as men are now days period. It’s just easy for people to be selfish of their own feelings and truly don’t see things from both sides of the fence. We live in the most self serving generations of the world. Even in serving others it’s so people can feel good about themselves, not for the purpose of serving others. And it’s disgusting because it’s not recognized by those type of individuals they would rather fight yell and call… Read more »

Denise Livingston Brignac

If they can both keep it in that capacity it would be fine…..unfortunately one of the two cross the line & there is no turning back

Marie Whitley

I believe the said man should regard his wife as his best friend, other wise the marriage falls apart, now if said man is single, he can have as many lady friends that will put up with him!

Phoebe Lyndell

Every man needs Jesus. Jesus sticks closer than a brother. Jesus adds value to a man’s life, for Jesus will lead him to a righteous woman. And they will serve Jesus and live lovingly & peacefully for the rest of their lives.

Stephanie Doiron

So basically.
Every person needs a good friend…which I hope we all can understand is a totally separate issue from dishonoring your significant other.