Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Marlana Taylor

Not sure why this is such a hard concept to understand for some….

Alex Krstanovic

Especially your wife, they don’t like that vey much…

Dale Youngblood

An ex of mine never understood this concept…and he wonders why I blew up at him the way I did…

Kim Chlebnikow Smith Lmt

Unless they think you don’t know…hahaha, but we know everything!

Aiden Airs

I don’t like to play games. So if there is even a competition, I’m out because I don’t compete with other girls. A woman deserves a man, not a boy.

Robert Unclerobb Ali Jenkinsjr

If she is secure with who she is then she shouldn’t have to feel that way. Never blame someone for your insecurities.ijs

Lotus Mandala

Lol. Is it a community girl competition? Relationship definition maybe needs to be taught. Guy sit back and have girls getting pretty and fighting girl drama over a guy for what?

Michael Pommer

For me, until a girlfriend becomes a wife, she is in competition with every other woman on the planet. I dont cheat and I dont lie, but if a woman is just my girlfriend, she better act right or I will leave her in the dust, block her number, and be out on a date with someone else later that same night.

Curtis Binder

No sure why all these are aimed at the guy being the fuck up. Girls are sleazy these days.

December Bloom

when insecurity consumes you, you will gonna die slowly because there is no cure for it but you alone..it is just normal to get jealous but not to compete due to insecurity..

Diana Maria Pichardo

Turns out I was competing against someone who is no where in the same league. If anything he down graded to someone who is changing him into someone his family disapprove and who doesn’t see his potential of the person he can be. If you are going to replace me do it with someone who is worthy and won’t ruin what I worked so hard to build…

Stars Moon Torres

Or like shes an option cause if she comes last for way to long then guess what she’s will be gone when you lest expect it. Yes it will hurt u both but if u don’t put her 1st after 2 years n 9 months then it’s time u both realize it’s time to move on. She will be sad but she will realize it’s never going to be what she wants r needs from you

Hamsterius Fluffy-Crown

But she will, because humans are biologically programmed to compete for sexual attention. Most people will feel that they are in competition because they are, as a matter of fact, in competition. The only way to not see any competitors is to run far ahead of them and that’s up to you, not the referee.

Surobhi Chatterjee

my husband never gave tat insecurity to me. never.ever. kbow him past 12 yrs and till date he hasnt made me feel like i hv a competition wid some other woman. may god bless him wid more and more happiness and success in his life. my best wishes to him today and always.(this is d first time i wrote something about my husband on a social networking platform)

Michael Wolfrum

Yea that’s why every girl got 50 dudes texting her “good morning beautiful ” everyday so she’s not in competition with another girl

Kiran Mahnaz

Hmm mm otherwise do the same for your bf😝😝.. give him realization that he can have the same level of competition too.. but man remain man.. He will dump the girl for sure

Kim Schmidt

omg how true. But again it takes genuine people..not immature fools who think its okay to keep txting, adding,,etc other girls. That is wrong on every level. Takes someone mature to know what a true real relationship is all about. We need more with morals..integrity…honor. Ones need to realize…its not okay to do stupid shit cause you still wanna be in highschool and not wanna grow the hell up.

Rupert Pe'terson

That’s something we all feel at one time or another what’s important is the integrity of both individuals loyalty and honesty come first you’re warriors fighting off the struggle of life.

Nolan Ryan Vaughn

Neither should a boyfriend to another man