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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Dennise Ortiz

I used to date a guy who changed his feelings right on time every 3 months. I always knew when it was coming, so I would put my walls up and expected it to happen. And like clockwork a he was gone… Until I finally put an end to it and it’s the best thing I have done for me and my life. Happy and free now!

Brandon Pecora

I love you…wait the wind changed Direction, I’m not in love with you anymore, Story of my life!

Shahla Golzari

Sorry , it is true. They think that they have bought a T.shirt or a dress and they easily change them. It is very hard to trust anyone.

Pooneh Tanaeim

Trusting someone is the hardest thing… especially after being screwed over !!!

Dusty Jones

Find person that will stick with you forever for girls don’t find a guy that’s a player because he will just put you down and forgot I don’t find a girl who is I am sorry a harlot because she will just sleep with you and then leave you find the right guy find the right girl because this is true find someone who’s trust is like Seasons they will leave you instantly find a guy and a girl who will stick with you forever who will support you trust you and love you forever

Queen Latifer

That is y i keep see them standing even when they ar not standing at all’ an i can leave in d bush wit then till d end of time” when they ar standing afar’ but now i cannot live in a mention with them when they ar even standing in front of me to take me there. there is time for everything’ an there is value that goes wit every time of d day an of d life.

Mansoor Elahi

Honestly i know someone whose feelings change whenever may be ten times in a day, and i am getting use to to her because i love her i can go through any hell for her she such a sweetheart gorgeous babe Kareena

Scott Singer

Just remember nothing last 4ever with that said its pure honesty to anyone who feels…

Julie Pina

No shit cause usually that means their fucking around !

Angela M. Franco

My last ex did this all the time, one day he loves me next day he hates me..

Cat Kareena Tikai

Yeah i understand you then why you stay not for a while single before you start again

Ann Evangelista

To a love that is consistent, and if it changes, change for the better. #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #marriedlifegoals #faithisstrong

Elba Roman

We can’t not expect people to always feel the same way, but what we can do is try to understand and maybe what we need to to do is give space from time to time and don’t on top of a person every second expecting to be so special because we’re not. We all have those days that we need to be alone.

Catrina Luz Evacitas

This is what I dont like about myself. I easily had this abrupt fading emotions. I get attracted to appearance but easily disappeared to characteristics or behavior. I felt this to some crushes but dont really know If I would feel the same thing if invest myself into a relationship to someone

Michael Barnes Sr.

No you can’t trust somebody that switches their feelings on and off like a light switch they have no clue of what love is or what it means they just I think in my opinion enjoy the concept of the word love and Trust

Elba Roman

Feeling do change from time to time, it doesn’t mean that we love any less we’re just growing, but our hearts will always be in favor of love, love is our food for the Soul and even if we’re not love in return it’s okay, I have learned a lot from people that I know feel for me but I don’t feel like they do. I am sure a lot of us feel free to understand that love is unconventional and we must love without expectations.


feelings change from time to time, so don’t betray someone if there’s a chance of coming back.. but if you already in the wrong side, expect that person a change of herself and feeling uncomfortable and unsecured with you..

Tina Radloff

True… it’s hard to trust to someone you know that you can’t trust… especially to those who is fake , user and scammer….

Luvlia Hr

This is the hardest part to commit ourself into trust with someone..after what we’ve been thru’..coz what they left behind was a bad memories & the scars were still there..Constantly..they’re playing with our feelings..The trust that we hv given..the betrayed that we’ve got..& it’s really sickening..☹️

Jen Cook

True…if someone changes all the time. And they are not consistent in what they say to you. How can you trust them? One minute the guys asks you out saying all or nothing, few months later he says he wants an open relationship then takes it back after a couple of hours and a few months later starts to suggests the open relationship? Just as an example..

Anthony Adams

It’s not even a trust issue….it’s their inconsistent ass trying to make you consistent to their bs changes and emotions everyday. Especially when they have backstabbing tendencies and have an image they want to uphold. I don’t have time for that.

Daniel Huitron Salas

None of you understand what it’s like to have a mind that multitasks & thinks faster than your average person. So of course you will try to give up on people who are aware of shit you guys would take hours to figure out. People’s who’s feelings change so much should never trust anyone with their feelings. So of course people who don’t have the patience or intention span to understand what makes people (it can be unhealthy) so emotional then dead inside the next moment. Because they spend their time keeping their mouths shut as everyone arounds them turn… Read more »

Wade Zumbach

a train wreck waiting to happen, only a fool would get involved with someone like that!… flavor of the day is not a long term love!

James Green

I wish my baby the one I love would just stay here self when she tells me she can’t imagine a future without me and that I’m her everything I want to just hold her so tight in that moment and make it last forever and ever. This kind of love is worth it and not worth throwing away out of fear of what others think or fear to commit to a real caring and loving guy that would even give his life to save her a guy that will be here with her to the very end until I… Read more »

Matt Vigilante

What changed more than the seasons, cause that would be more accurate