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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Abhijit Bhattacharya

Exactly n after doing so many things for some people in return, they take u for granted.
So now m in love with loneliness . . . . 🙂

Souici Yacine Yacine

Not an easy man to feel that he loves the wrong person and give him a lot of time to feel the love.

Petricia Rose Han

Not alone ! Whether u r with right or wrong, at least 2

Aiden Airs

I rather choose to be alone than give time to the wrong people. I’m happier that way.

Joyce Robert CP

Damn man I have been so busy trying to get this new gym rollin, text me tomorrow to remind me to get on your request bro. My bad

Ariel Stoltz

This is BS in many levels. Could it be that we are givers by nature? This quote is very discouraging.

Luis Xavier Ayala Cora

Not alone but definitely my time is give to a few that dont deserve it

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

you could end up giving your time to someone whom you value and think its worth it but without communication is it really worth it.

Tony Udchik

You got that write. Get smart and get out why your young. Get someone who loves you for you.

Queen Latifer

lf u hav d courage to being at d wrong way then u hav d courage to succeed at d right way.

Rohit Saxena

And the most right person is you yourself so give time to yourself and start enjoying your own company

Jayson Givero II

Oo nga putragis tama ka! Sa maling tao ko nabigay lahat ng oras na nailaan ko?

Mapale Pizza-Large Agrecia Mozzarella

that would be bad thing time wasted cannot be regained!!!

Earl White

Maybe, now that’s something to think about

Eric Drolet

Maybe that’s true for you but unlikely.
You are alone for the same reason no one likes bad music, there is better music out there.
You are alone because you won’t change your ways.
You are alone because of you; not because of anyone else.

Charlie Papworth

I’m alone cus I give the right person time. Me. After years of not. Now it’s me. Maybe you’re projecting your own stuff onto others…♡♡♡♡♡

Kerri-Lyn Duh

You need to learn how to love yourself, which is something im trying to learn. Seems ive only been giving my time to the wrong ppl.

Luvlia Hr

Sometimes being alone is much peaceful rather than with someone who makes ourselves being alone..?

Frankie Albert

Maybe being alone is better than having the wrong people in your life…

Muhammad Usman Ali

I am alone as someone denied to accept me when I came back for her.

Yenny Heru

if you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one. so wonderful ^^

Petůnie Běhunková

No, I am alone, because too much own confusion nobody can ever understand or figure it out, including myself. ?

Adam McClendon

maybe I’m alone because I’m not attractive enough to get away with acting like an ahole.

Alex Krstanovic

You feel in your heart it’s the right person or you would give up but no doubt there is some truth to that for everyone

Cineraria Cineraria Cineraria

Its better to be alone with a lot of benefit . Rather than surround with many people who give nothing and created head ache.