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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Reniel-Jude Gaetos Tañedo

Pretty much. I tried to keep us together when she kept pushing away, but I eventually had to give up. What’s the point when there’s nothing left to hold on too.

Linda Lancaster

Nobody kept pushing away you just ignored me singing all them sad songs what was I suppossed to think you never showed for me but you what God knows the things I have done and heknows the things you have done never thought you would do me this away I really gota big surprize didint I I just put this in gods hands In Jesus name we pray amen

Chris Martínez Pagán

Not interest. Respect. Just as important. I at least left with my integrity intact, so there’s that. Still doesn’t make it easy letting go.

Amanda Vass

Some people get comfortable, lazy and make no to low effort and then they wonder why they are again alone. Not rocket science is it!!!

Royburto Fink

Is it that simple? Is giving someone their space and time to make a decision considered ignoring or respect??? Think about it!!!!!!

Tracy Trudell

U can spread all the lies and hatevu want… All because u cant take any responsibility… Righteousness is UGLY! Buh bye now.

Bea Betty

Some ppl are just blind and other in love with themselves..they think they deserve all the love in da world cos they are so awesome when in real life they r worthless wannabes

Evelyn Maralit

Translation : love begets love, care begets care , concern begets affection .toppings p lang yun .communicate your care ,ur concern ..I will make sure to do the same …kasama n dun prayers for your safety.

Bonnie Allen

The #1 thing that will turn me away the fastest right there…bye Felicia LOL

Patricia Clouse

Always busy, helping others. Telling me you love me, but never there. Yep, it happened.

Daniela Lepre

What you don’t cherish, will be cherished by somebody else.

Grisel Montanez

That is how it is. It hurts at first but get easier by the day.

Lon Martin

Took me a min to get there, my friend, but once I arrived. ?Is all good now. Happens. No hard feelings. Friendships don’t have to be difficult or seemingly, one-sided, once the friend FINALLY tells you where you stand w/ them.
Removed all doubt? √
“We’re still good/cool”? √

Sumit Mehta

But I don’t think that’s how it should be. You may want to get away from the person for your own self-respect but ego has no place in a relationship, even if it’s one sided. And this sounds like an ego and not self-respect.

Cindy Eberlein

He sure did! I’ve moved on! I tried telling him, but he didn’t listen….. I wished he did! I loved him so much it hurt. He’s never called me, I wanted to but I can’t and won’t. I think about him all the time. His lost.

Simon Thorn

No, it’s not always that simple. What feels like being ignored can simply be that you’re being avoided. It’s not always because of your character flaws it may be because of something that’s going on with the other. Walls are not easy to break through nor are you welcome to climb over them. Sometimes it takes years for the one you love to finally open the door and let you in.

Sheryl Gonzal

Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you, because one day, you might wake up and realize, you lost the moon, while counting the stars. Realize things before it’s too late and love people before you lose them, life comes just once, love it while you have it.

Sean Stevenson

So…….Damn……..Simple. Your move because you’re gonna regret turning your back on someone who’s right for you. And when that happens, i will be right there laughing at you. ?


Dana Irene Messer

Relationships and commitment are a choice! This is such a loaded poster. At any given time one or both parties could be struggling in their relationship but their commitment to it is what drives the force to find a way to make it work. This saying here is what makes relationships disposable! Sickening

Suz Strohecker

Yep, never ignore someone in anger, they may just decide to move on……..I know I did, and while it wasn’t easy or painless, I feel that I am in a better place. I no longer feel emotionally drained by that person. I my case it was a family member….tough choices……

Sandra Nelson E Alkire

If someone looses interest just because the other person is busy or not feeling good and can not text or call that means there was not true love or attraction or interest.

Gaby Garcia

I feel a little bad with this, I really tried my best to fulfill the desires of attention and time sharing we (at first) had, but after I changed from my last job to my new one, I couldn’t. sometimes is not that the other person doesn’t want to be with you, is that it is kind of impossible. I asked for his comprehension but he told me he no longer feels the same way about us and he doesn’t like me anymore.

Jose Tomas

Because you know, playing hard to get works. News flash; no it doesn’t. It pushes him away, he thinks you don’t like him so he moves on and when that other girls smiles and gives him her number and they start going out, your bitch ass gets angry at him for ‘not trying hard enough or long enough’. HA! Fuck you.

Zach Freeman

I agree. But you have to talk about it. If you just let it go on, then that shows you never really wanted to fight for my relationship in the first place. If someone is trying to talk to you and then you do not respond, that is ignoring. If someone shuts it down because they are mad, then that is not ignoring, that is a hint that they are hurt. And if you don’t ever talk about it then it’s not really doing anything to help the relationship. So……#bestronger

Kenia Mauricio

That’s how I loss interest real quick. If you don’t put in the effort, I won’t either! ?