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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Freddie George

If I don’t fight back with you, it doesn’t mean I am emotionally weak and I cannot take a stand for myself. It simply means that I respect and value the relationship that we share and my feelings of love for you are stronger than the urge of winning an argument with you. When I don’t fight back it simply means I love you and cherish our relationship to the core and I feel it is not worth wasting a single moment of our time together on silly baseless fights and useless arguments. It simply means I don’t want any… Read more »

Rupert Pe'terson

Look, we all know what this means but have you ever had your knees metaphorically smashed in by an ex? It’s about emptying your tea cup to refill it.

Dailen Casuco Tila-on

I Love you is just a phrase,,f u love ❤ someone words are not enough!!u should show it in action..Actions speak louder than words…Say what u mean & mean what u say…???

Juan J Benavides

Some times they won’t let you do the walk. They don’t appreciate it or want it… it’s hard when you feel like you’re the only one putting forth the effort!

Kylie Stacey Johnson

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Kesi Nuel Aregbor

You can say that over and over again,cos talking is cheap!!

Elizabeth Byrne Belt

This is what I would say all the time… he ended up walking, and therefore I got my proof.

Sandie McAdie Robinson

Saying words dont make them true. Doing I love you takes true love.

Wendy W Stearns

Actions speak louder than words, but mean words speak volumes…

Aiden Airs

It is a big deal to me to say it and be said to. It should only be said if it’s truly meant from the heart and soul! And yes, not just by words but actions to show it is a need.

Reenylish Yo

amen!!! so glad i dont have to hear it from the wrong person anymore 😀 especially when there’s no actions to back it up, only makes it sound fake AF!!

Clodel Gorin

Now a days I love you is so common that is use irresponsibly why find some other way in expressing it like I feel for you or I can’t describe my feelings for you , I wish you can feel how I feel it is not direct but it can make the person try to feel it for themselves whether it connects or vibrate towards them emotionally

Anne Jablonski

Saying “I love you” is a big deal, showing you love and care about someone is easy, but saying it, ya, that’s the hard part… constantly wanting to say it but not sure how things will go after those words are said and your heart is open on the table… afraid of a broken heart if it’s not what the other person wants… afraid of being crushed…

Emily Cheung

I will stay with him until one day, he don’t need me at all… I will support him always. He can still talk and talk, walk and walk. It’s doesn’t matter to me now, because how I feel he’s just not really care about… And I don’t care myself anymore. All I wish is about his happiness, I mean nothing……..

Brian David Kidd

This is what many women say to men.
Yet women will refuse to be reciprocal in their own actions.
Men always have to prove their love to Western Women.
While men are supposed to blindly believe that a Western Woman loves them because they say it’s so without proving it.

Kinda goes along with the whole Rape issue.
Believing a woman’s word on her own, even if it’s a lie and done out of revenge.

Nolan Ryan Vaughn

Doesn’t matter though you could Waltz the fucking walk and He/She still going to leave you. People want what they want when they want it. With the bullshit mentality nowadays that it’s easier to quit or get what they want they don’t know how to be in a relationship or fight for someone. People are so feeble and weak minded with their words and actions that if they had a great person in their life that hit them in the face they wouldn’t know what hit them.

Luvlia Hr

“I luv u’..these three little words sound so beautifully & nice to hear..To make it more beautifully..we value it what we r saying..We prove it by shower them with luv..caring..& spend most of our time with the one that we luv..Cheer them up with laughter..put smile on their face & make sure they r always happy when being together..so they feel being protected & won’t feel being neglected..☺️?

Evelyn Maralit

I always say love u bebe .it is an endearment for every one I am associated with . But when I really love the person’s, I show it .little things mean a lot. Text me. With concern.thats the essence of care. That’s the essence of affection

Abdulnaxy Mohammed

Saying the word I love you is common word which can be used for anything human or animal.
But the truth is when you love someone you have to do what is best to that person the caring,advice,time u spen with them,you should be always there for he/she whn they need you by doing all this you don’t need to tell him/her that you love them the person already no bco you have shown enough.

Charlene Hodges

i value and treasure those 3 little words with all my heart and can count on my fingers how many people i say it to,,,because when i say it you will have my heart come hell or high water,,and i will show it always,,those words dont come easy but so many people just say them like buying a bag of grapes it doesnt mean much to them,, they are sacred words people treat them like gold so to speak,,,IT IS A BIG DEAL to me

Tony John

I don’t say I Love You unless I really mean it. Doing and Saying go hand-in-hand.