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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Eddy Obby

if someone never acknowledges how things will change tomorrow or never will take risk loving you will never say he’s loving you forever. loving someone forever is also knowing too well that things might also change in the future and in spite of that he’s ready to stay with you. so I don’t agree to this post. ladies stay with who promise you forever. that’s what God want.

Daniel McKim

Or stay single and give love to everyone you encounter.

Michelle Swift

So, basically, nobody can be your “forever”. Everyone will betray you sometime or another. Well great, fuck relationships then. ?

John Rogers

this is you and you are showing me all this.. I love you for this and I will love u ??????forever #reallove #truelove #showyouhowtoloveagain ✔✔???♛♜

Niki Beere

Be with someone who doesn’t give up on the relationship regardless of how difficult times may be.

Andrea Cesena

Nothing is wrong with promising forever. It is stating your commitment.

Dusty Jones

Yes find the right person that you can trust don’t find the wrong person that you can trust that’s a reason why I’m still single because I want to find the right girl because I don’t want to end up with the wrong girl that will treat me with no respect and no love I want to find a girl that I can love and she can love me back and number one thing be honest trust each other and never let each other down

Shaila Yasmin

ya i like ”if u cant find heaven, i will walk through hell with you” type of person… bcz i am one of this type ^_^ . and the world resembles hell sometime.

Elba Roman

I feel that others shouldn’t ever promised a for ever because there is no such a thing as for ever. Things happen people change and life does go on.

Alysha Brooks

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Patty Lyons

Don’t make me any promises. Just do the work with me to keep the relationship going. My ex wouldn’t but the next one will have to or he’ll be gone too.

Kelsey Miller

Um no. Someone who acknowledges that things will get in the way but still promises that they will love you forever is worth it. Love is a choice not a feeling. You choose to love someone inspite of all the things that change.

Georgia Inglis

Ya…exactly….6 months I was some how totally oblivious to this concept..today thanks to your many concepts and quotes..you’ve been apart 2my incredible journey of healing. Thank you…keep up the good work.

Petůnie Běhunková

Promises are worst than lies. So people should be very careful about their own thoughts. Me personally since I’ve started to work really hard on my own relationship with myself, I think it’s much more worthy and cherished than any relationship with anybody else.

Luvlia Hr

Promises can be broken..Promises r juz verbally..without action can’t be happened..Ironically..’Actions speak louder than words’..It’s a proof that u r truly in relationship..certainly..☺️

Cristine Cundiff

Learning the difference can save you a lot of heartache. Some people don’t know what commitment means. Sounds nice and pretty and great until life slams down. Pick. Your. Mate. Wisely.

Good day????

ユーリ 彼女

That go for those unbeliever who destroy others life to fulfill their selfish needs… Jealous of one happiness is just pathetic… Some can wait for as long as they can because they matters yet some can’t stand to see that that they still believe each other to such extend… You don’t call fight when you force separating two in love with pathetic desperate way can you…

Katie Foster

When I get into a relationship I say this basically.

“Don’t promise me forever just promise you’ll try”