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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Tyrelle Dawkins

Hmm….are they really not Thinking about you too? Youd never know, and some cases, its better that way❤?….go to sleep

Joie De Vivre

Now you’re telling me. Still wide-awake even by 4 a.m.! When will I get over him??? Ok…. from the top… 1 goat, 2 goats, 3 goats……20 goats….100 goats…

Ydania Hernandez

Ya’ll go to sleep lol… Cuz I’m not going to loose sleep over anyone. Especially if they’re not worth it.

Robert Brewster

WoW ? , BuT sometimes Real is NEVER Ment To Give Up ON !!!!

Bettsy Molina

Overthink about how you dont deserve that , let it slip away and set yourself free.

Dusty Jones

And I can’t go to sleep because I’m still thinking about the girl of my dreams I know she isn’t thinking about me but I’m thinking about her I still want to let her know that I’m thinking about her every night that’s why I can’t sleep even if she’s not thinking about me

Annica Alvillar

They need a broken heart reaction…cause this just went and kicked me in the feels

Rosemarie Hernandez

Right because you shouldn’t have to be thinking about them they should be right next to you

Laura Hay

You are probably up, overthinking and wondering if they’re thinking of you, too. It’s the hope that keeps you hanging on.

Matthew Matty Sheets

Fuck it I’m done trying, they dont give a shit no way

Jason Gutierrez

How can I not think of my fiancé. Can’t believe tomorrow it will be 8 months since she died ???

Holly Corbin

I don’t know I think I was being delusional over thinking. But maybe someday things will progress if not it’s okay. Sometimes we have to except things for how they are or will be certainly isn’t easy.

Clodel Gorin

Don’t think , never assumes , don’t delusion yourself but be aware and be mindful that not everyone will be loving , sincere and genuine as us

Israel Moscosa

Sometimes even if you dont want to think about that person, and even if you desperately try to make yourself fall asleep, your mind has other plans.

Abdulnaxy Mohammed

Someone might be thinking of u 4 years but hence he or she never open up how will u no that someone cares about you whn you love someone let him or her no what’s up instead of dying in silent

Christina DiMaggio

It is easy, you’re better than them. Realize that, Delete them, and, sleep like a baby….

Lila Danae Colón

“Just go to sleep.”

Says the person who doesn’t not deal with serious anxiety and isn’t just thinking about the person, but all the ways they might have fallen short of being worthy of that person until they feel sick.

Becky Mehas Olds

Well, no can do tonight. You are in the hospital, they’re pumping you full of pa in killers and antibiotics, and there’s a gang of church family praying for you. It’s o,e time I prefer staying up. While you fight this thing. 🙂

Yvette Greene

Just lost my guy and all the things I wanted to I can’t anymore because I have to wait until I get to heaven…????? And today makes month , maybe that’s why I really really can’t sleep…

Shawn Sorzano

nice again as i said everyone can talk but who really knows it and feels it knows its knot that easy you just cant close your eyes on love and fall asleep it hurts real f…cking bad

Morizeth Aeron

tulog tulog nlang din kase my dear ?✌️️? dont waste your precious time overthinking for those who doesn’t even bother to think of u khit split second lng ??? life is too short. ? be happy ?

Wajeeh Ud Din Ahmad

How ?or for whole life because when i get up then what can i do for same thinking shit.?