Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Hugo Alejandro

It doesn’t exist. We all have needs and sometimes they conflict with others needs. We’re human and subject to error. Sometimes those errors end up hurting those we love.

Richard Guerra

Shouldn’t never cheat. It’s a thing to breaking up first. Why be with someone up know isn’t right for you. Better be a good perdo than being marked as a cheater. I wouldn’t never trust a girl that that cheated and moved on with another.

Rico Rico Habeahan

If judging someone based on whether they cheat or not is today’s standards then I feel sorry for the future. There are so many aspects of a person when you are looking for love. Whether someone is loyal or not should just be the beginning. It is not all that is required for someone to earn your love. You need to be happy with each other, you need to support each other through good and bad times. You need to make sure it’s balanced. A good relationship isnt only about staying loyal.

Stacy Fritz

They don’t always want to keep you though, no matter how loyal or good you are to them….. sometimes your best isn’t good enough… 🙁

Sunayan Thakur

Today’s generation don’t know the definition of word good and bad if know then they don’t know whom to select and take time and judge .. if took time and kept then they don’t know to maintain and if they maintain they don’t know to keep it forever .. all the things lies behind the way the think as they can’t be true they can’t make commitment they can’t communicate the truth they can’t be loyal and can’t assure their life to be in good relation !!

Vis Rosales Sicat

For young people(18-30) this is bs. They will just get tired and leave you because youre too “good”.

Marcia Collingwood

Hard to find but that’s why if you do find it, its a treasure!

Meredith Henry

Loyal, faithful people are always the ones who get fucked over and hurt the most.

Ley A Li

definitely true…but few are loyal nowadays and few who does not hurt u…sad truth

Dusty Jones

Here’s what I think once you find a man or a woman that trust you love you supports you and never leave that person because if you do you will never find another guy or girl like that again that’s why I’m keeping myself Lowkey right now because once I find a girlfriend I want to be with her and if she loves me for who I am and I love her for who she is I’m not going to leave her at all

Rina Ridz

Yes…. the thing is …. the guy with no looks… not educated…. not rich…. but he has a good heart…. he truly love a person over n over … but I dunno whether to choose or not to choose

Flocy Nanteza

That’s too hard to find these days ,but I wish we go back & follow our great grannies because they mostly considered bond between their selves which was love

Amal Elkotb

He might be loyal and never cheated on her but also he might treat her like if she was a crap! Being loyal is a good trait but not everything indeed.

Brian Russell

I stopped dating because I got tired of being cheated on. My heart couldn’t take it. I realise that I’m the one at fault. I’m just a bad person and I should kill myself. ( So I’ve been told)

Elba Roman

Yes it does exist, I feel that when you really love someone it’s very hard to cheat, if you do cheat is because there is doubt in that relationship, and doubt really messed up with your mind and especially cheating because you think your missing something that you feel for and just a waste of time.

Jessica Mangrum

I am this kind of person. I was to my ex. People can unintentionally hurt you, though. Sometimes, you don’t know what triggers someone. On the other hand, you don’t usually intentionally hurt someone you love, but it can happen, especially if the person doesn’t honestly communicate what it is (s)he needs/wants. I don’t understand why people lie about it, take something you said completely out of context so it’s not what you meant, and so on. That is what makes people sit and overthink, which can cause them to ruin a really good thing that makes them happy.

Anthony Lam

Your quotes are overly simplified. No one can ever guarantee if his or her significant other won’t cheat/make mistakes, all they can ever have is the “trust” that they won’t – and trust can be upheld or manipulated, with or without the non-offender objectively knowing *either way*. We trust that our spouses don’t and won’t, but neither side would ever *know* for certain unless they were psychic. The only one who you know can be truly loyal to you is yourself – this is why we should learn to be completely happy with/by ourselves, and whatever joy our significant other… Read more »

Ama Aburashed

This is a flawed statement! Someone could be loyal and not cheat on you, but not be compatible with you, nor share a connection, outlook on life and goals – which makes it hard to stay with them out and continue a relationship that lacks authenticity, passion and honesty.. maturity is knowing someone is not for you, or you not for them and letting them go before it turns into being stuck in a relationship out of duty or obligation!

Farah Adilah

But some people just dunno the meaning of appreciate . Throw people like a shyt of paper and act like nothing happened then get a new one . Basically i just wanna gave em a huge applause . U are so great 👏👏👏👏

Devin Rae Foster-Wilson

Just cause someone doesn’t cheat on you doesn’t mean you should keep them. My ex husband was loyal and didn’t cheat on me, but he didn’t love me or desire me. There is more to a relationship then loyalty.

MacKenzie Kowalchuk

Lol theres more to a relationship than just finding someone that wont cheat on you. Don’t hold onto them if you feel empty or alone in your own relationship.

Wendy Gonzalez

I agree, someday someone will be worthy of all this. In the meantime I’ll love myself.