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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Frankie Albert

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you and it doesn’t matter anymore why they walked away. Don’t analyze, don’t waste time trying to understand the good or the bad. It just means that their part in your story is OVER. LET THEM GO!…

Dariane Dāwśöñ

Utter and completely stupid…
Where is your worth people…
Dickwods and farknTarts are the ones who want to do that to others and be nasty…

Anum Hassan

Vry well said bt we r compelled by our heart sumtyms to do so bcx we luv dat person :/

Julie Spiker

Apparently I’m a slow learner. Once a liar and cheater, always a liar and cheater

Russell Ledet

Some wounds don’t heal, chances are he is just trying to give his heart closure, I don’t think that is to much to ask.

Jon Hanak

It’s been nothing but madness every step of the way for sure

Diana Villarreal

wow why do we keep going back its a mystery…

Rob LaForrest

I feel so stupid…because it took me 8 times to finally give her up for good lol ugh love

Aira Forsander

Definitely not. . It’s for sure I wouldn’t take ex back.. Just would get headache taking him back ?
My place is in the arm of my beloved ❤

Innocent Chijioke

Mistakes has been made for a better lesson moving on brings you more happiness than you ever tot

Frankie Albert

Normal people don’t go around destroying other people’s lives. Only narcissistic, self-centered non-empathetic people, who deceive and lie and weave their web for you to fall into with an agenda, do these kinds of actions. Let them go!…

Luvlia Hr

Don’t ever ever go back to the person who has broke ur heart..if they hv broke ur heart once..they will break ur heart twice & constantly..If u still thinking to go back with them..yaa..u r completely madness..completely insane..?

Anaiv Rein

Healing might take days, months, years or even forever… b’coz the scar will always be there; but remember… that does not symbolizes weakness! U were never a victim, you are a survivor! A warrior! And let everyone know your story. But never comeback to the person that broke you. ???

Duane Baker

A person that takes responsibility for their mistakes, repents, asks for forgiveness, changes in every way, and shows that doesn’t deserve the chance to show their changes? Good thing you aren’t God and good thing Jesus didn’t say, “They will just keep sinning, I’m not going on the cross.” This isn’t an absolute, people.

George Andrew Moncada

Theres people that just dont understand that. People always believe in oh i can fix him or her thing. If he leaves to she let him or her go. Just like theres BILLIONS of women out there theres BILLIONS of guys out there. Stop chasing the jerk.

Michael Barnes Sr.

This is so true we have to know when someone’s part in our story is over, we have to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and move on with our lives.

James Wise

True words. Unfortunately it’s hard to let them go. They were such a big part of your life and they brought you so much joy, it’s hard to let that joy and happiness go. All you want is for that person to heal your pain, even though most of the time that person only creates more pain afterwards

David Buckley

I would say at least forgive them, for your own sake. Don’t carry the hate, and negative emotions with you. You don’t have to be together, but you can if you choose to, become a greater person by growing and learning to forgive them. Heal your heart for you and forgive them for the damage they caused. Learn from it and grow, and if love is truly there you can come back together later (6+ months to a year minimum) and try it again.

Annus Aijaz

I guess it can never be healed by some else, a person who has broke u down can only lift u up because you only expect from.that person to fix you.

Amaeshiel Caraballo Gasataman

This is a reminder to me or not?

We’re in relationship for coming 3 years and we broke up for almost 1 year and a half then we’re in relationships again and we’re already now 1 year and 2 months in LDR..

What do you think is there any probabilities that were meant to be or just proving the quotes?

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

So true,if a person can break ur heart one time so he will break many times again.So it’s better to leave him or her in order to stay with him or her.U have to move on and be with a person who care u and don’t do anything which hurt u.

Annelie Lindgren

I still love him but I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO HIM !!!! And he doesnt care less ……