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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Shaheryar Shaikh

Someday you’ll find him/her. Just be patient and learn to love yourself first. I once fell in love with girl who lied and cheated on me. Yes it is true. It will be hard to find someone that you can trust again. It’s like you’ll feel that everyone is not telling the truth. But one day a girl/boy will come and he/she make you believe that second chances do exist. Just wait and be patient, love yourself for now and keep on praying for that right person. He/she will come soon ?

Anne Law

Yes so true I had someone like that and didn’t realise how lucky I was!!! When you find that someone cherish them forever!!

ise how

Florizel Villarte Jr.

Yup i marry her but unfortunately her love was shaken by another guy and got pregnant. So i guess she did not love me at all at the beginning because love is unshakeable that’s what most people say.

Miriana Haque

Yeah that person has to care for you back, no matter what you do some people will always ignore it. Hopefully someday they realise it

Chris Smith

There needs to be a limit on that “anger” though. You don’t want anyone you know is intentionally trying to hurt you, lie to you, or otherwise waste you. Use each other, but use each other well.

Sukhania Sevah

Very well said! What is a person who isn’t able to translate your actions into a understanding but always misunderstanding?

Swati Singh

The person is hard to find but if u r lucky N u encounter a person like this …may b the biggest gift of life ….then hold on him and don’t give a damm on things which are really petty N doesn’t affect ur life in long run coz ultimately what matters is the person which u have with u…..for a long ….without any conditions ….experience Is awesome and trust me it will give u real targets in life beyond the expectations N imagination…….lot of love to the page owners who update these …pics to keep the spirit alive….:)

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

Yes marry someone like that who has these abilities but hard to find that kind of person so love ur self and be happy with wat u r going through and enjoy ur day without thinking of anyone else.

Ramos Sonyi

I would never marry any man in the world regardless, I already married and have the most important commitment in life, I would die if necessary for this love & that love it’s the love of my kids…

Clodel Gorin

Anger is part of emotions , part of being a human but anger out of love bcoz we are hurt is passion that even if it explode bcoz there is love comes to it except of course with the anger that happen with two different people that dislikes each other that is nothing to do with love

Angela Alvarez

I say marry someone you know you can trust. Because once trust is broken it can never be fixed. If they lie about the most insignificant things they will lie about the important stuff too. Anyone that can lie to your face more than once regardless of how much pain they see its causing don’t ever trust them again.

Sara Eddinger

marry someone who won’t have a plan in place to hurt your feelings when you get “annoying”. Marry someone who won’t bring up the past against you.

Patricia Dennise

Looks like im gonna be single forever. That kind of man doesnt exist.