Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Tseten Rinkartsang

I agreed! Distance doesn’t kills the relationship. Relationship kills when there’s a lack of communication, mistrust and dishonest.

Zai Jean Heart Blaine

Yeah, no matter how far the distance as long as u showed the love to each other..it doesn’t matter.

Michael Bankhead

Absolutely…even silent sex is not as intimate as an honest conversation.

Brian David Kidd

Yet, she will give him the silent treatment for not getting her way.
Somehow that doesn’t seem right.

Mervyn Sinaga

Sometimes what’s needed is a full stop. Right after people.

Eric Stone

And commas. “Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does”

Alvin D. Tamares

No! Love knows no distance…every heartbeat beats the silence that echoes through the ears of thr lovers…

Jennifer LaBrie

Amen. Oh I wish more people could realize that their choice to stay silent causes so much more uncertainty and distance than speaking their mind would do.

Bragat Achimedes

uhmmm, the saying goes this way… ” absence make the heart grows ponder” what about “pondering on the distance”.. it make sense… insanity slowly creeping in silence… hahaha

Brittney Legault

This happened with some friendships after I got married and moved to another state. When I tried to talk to them and they responded with silence. In the end it is the silence not the distance that I lost two people too

Srta JP

Yessss i understand few hrs for space but not a lot more! My bf doesnt get that… and after argue i always talk first.. and i give soace for hours ..hate going to bed mad tho

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Sad…& you know what, the reason why they’re silent is because they’re busy with another person without your knowledege. And that’s also the reason why, they’re hiding from you. Can you see the connection now? =(

Innocent Chijioke

I am a happy, honest, down to earth, confident and romantic man willing to display affection. I’m looking for a true friendship that will lead to a long lasting relationship distance is not a barrier hence the heart keep intouch.

Melissa Prillwitz

I want to meet my Mr. right who can’t wait to call or text me and can’t wait to hear my voice . I want to feel like I matter to him. When I find My Mr right. he will know he is important to me. I just want someone I spent the rest of my life with. Who can love me for me because I will love him for who he is. I want a man who will respect and cherish me because if I ever iam luck enough to find my Mr. Right. Because I will respect and… Read more »

Yuliana Bellini

And i would say lack of communication. If you are committed to a person you dont even question it. You are willing to go through everything no matter how hard it might be, because you just know your ultimate goal. Distance can be an obstacle to it, but it doesnt change it unless you CHOSE otherwise.

Joseph Jode Garcia

I should have thought of that when I was married to my ex-wife