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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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John Christian

The “Real” ones walk in when the rest walk out….Someone that doesnt want to fix you but is willing to just stick around and support you while you fix yourself….Thats Love…!

Gabe Doumak

I was with her in her darkest and once it was over, she threw me away. She used me and played me.

Evelyn Maralit

There are times n kung cino pa yung best frend mo , take for granted k. Kc alam nya n d ka nagbabago sa kanya .me hangganan ang pagmamahal .

Luvlia Hr

The one that is always by ur side at the worst times or at the good times..he or she has to be chosen for to be ur life partner..bcoz they sacrifice their times juz to be with u..& u r truly Blessed..☺️

Rodger Ocon

No you get treated like a bitch and then they forget about you! Unless they need something. Just saying.

Krissa Addun Miguel

But if he didn’t appreciate ur worth even if u stick at his side through his worst times its useless.?

Delia Benedicto

Dyan ako maasahan kasi nga pag mahal mo ang isang tao you will stick to him no matter what kasi hindi ako materialistic. Gets mo..hehehe. ….

Garibaldo Yessenia

Exactly!! But people may use you to get thru their hardships & then they can so easily turn their backs on you when the favor is needed in return.

Misty Ann Gargis

That’s my problem I always stay with people through their worst, but every time I’m at mine they leave.

Jessica Mangrum

What if the person is only sticking through them for personal benefit? The person sticking with you can also be the cause of the worst times. The person could just not care anymore or be codependent. Too many reasons exist for people sticking around that don’t need to be.
The man who has been around through good and bad is also the main person in my life who was the reason things were bad. He does not deserve to be there for the good.

Sandy Boehler Hoffmann

If only it really worked that way. Too many people use others when they need them and toss them aside when they no longer need you. And this is why people are so guarded.

Ktyne Madrid

That’s really true…not the one who left you in the worst time of your life and will come back to you when you already fix the mess by your own. Learn to love yourself…MORE!

Diana Maria Pichardo

It’s hard to find someone who will genuinely stick by your side even at your worst. Those who are always there when you need them most unconditionally are usually the ones who have no one by their side when they are at their worst.

Kimmy Lefler

I don’t really believe this 100%… My x husband beat me up, I left and never looked back. I don’t deserve to get beat up and he doesn’t deserve to have me standing by his side as I, my body, and our KIDS are the victims…nope. REAL Love isn’t beating your wife up & expect her to always ” stay by your side”!

Marsha Conway

Love ❤️ my Husband! Though this rough time. He has been there since the Unemployent of my job one year and 10 months. ( i still enjoy ? my Life Like i was when i was working.) Love my Husband still and always. while staying ###prayedup###. Yes! Yes! ❤️️

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

So true,it’s ur true friend who always with you with ur step to step in ur worst time