Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kim Schmidt

Strong is not what I’m feeling right now. After having lied to…by someone whom you thought was your whole world. The love of your life. .Yea strong iam not. Cry..oh my every day. That hurt will never go away….will never be forgotten….always to be there.. always

Shaheryar Shaikh

Life’s not always perfect, you just have to stay strong and fight through it!

Lauren Camilo S

The tears doesn’t mean you are not strong. Sometimes, from the pain you stand up greater than any time before.

Brian Haas

I do that often & not ashamed either, but sometimes crying helps & it doesn’t mean ur a wimp

Denise Petilla

I do cry when I need and have to 🙂 it helps me recharge and refresh 🙂

Ryanne Diggs

So true. I did this a few days ago and now I feel a whole lot better.😌

Georgia Inglis

Everyone you’ve posted lately has just been what I needed to hear…I’m so grateful for your posts. Thank you

Bryan Thompson

Since when did “sometimes” mean “5 years and running”?

Joy Valerie Cumby

Feelin exhausted and tired as usual….. Could be worst,I know.

Luvlia Hr

No matter how strong u r..at times u’ll be the in the weakest moment too..And that time u need to be alone..to distance urself from the others..to let ur tears out..to get ur strength back..to get believe in urself..think the way out how to improve urself how to be better..After u gained all that believing..u’ll get up & stand back in ur feet & move on to get a better life..😊🌹

Jean Benton

The message at church tonight was God understands the language of tears. They end up in the valley and that’s where things start to grow. Hmmm…

James Lee

I can’t cry like everyone else my eyes burns when I do its a price I pay when I do cry so I don’t cry because it burns I always stay strong I never give up ever that keeps me strong

Heather Strickley

Me this morning. Lots of tears, and I didn’t feel any better. I went to Kroger later on and the cashier said I looked exhausted. Yeah, I guess so.

Raymond Nash

But you know crying won’t solve anything,tho it makes you sad or bring you down….just be strong and hope for the best,keep praying and the one for you will come by…..”if you don’t come across the bad ones,you won’t value the good ones when you have them”….love is a beautiful thing you just need to be strong..lol.

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

True,there r many up and down come in ur life ,time not same always.crying is not the good solution because by crying u not get ur time in back because time not stop for anyone so love ur self and be happy in every situation.

Juan Carlos Valencia

Fuck that, be strong, hold your head up high. If you don’t do it then no one will do it for you. The people that try to bring you down will not stop until they are old and don’t have the energy. Think of what idiots they are wasting the life away to make your life hard.

Shenika Green

Yes.. Strong is good, but sometimes we have to be weak to become even stronger. Losing my husband has showed me this. I cry but pick myself up with the help of God Jehovah.

Jeremy Radant

This has been my life the past 5 months. Strong in front of those I need to be strong for (my kids) but when the doors close and it’s just me, tears will flow and my guard is lowered.

Queen Latifer

l hav cry over someone for many years every single day an time of it’ i cry to an extend all d water of my body dry for tears an there was no tears coming out anymore as i still keep crying” till d end of it’ then i say to myself that what ever that keep me crying bitterly doesn’t deserve a drop of my tears’ i stand strong over my pains an promise never to cry over it again becos i say d pain never exist now i am strong over my pains i don’t share tears for… Read more »

Abhisek Rigel Lath

No i’m strong cz I believe in my love and once my tears get out then it’ll make it prove that I’m trying to quit trying to forget trying to be coward from love..I’m not any of this thing as I’m strong and my love is greater than that

Carolyn Kullberg

I don’t even need to cry I just ducking hate people.