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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kim Schmidt

Always….you should never take her love for granted. ..always make her or him feel wanted…needed and that they are priority. .some don’t and lose what was the love of their lives. And some are just too stupid to see that.

Savannah Hancock

I hope to become the latter one day, but an thankfully I’m his girlfriend! I stand by my saying- I’d rather be his girlfriend, then another man’s wife. I don’t want to be anyone else’s but his wife.

Judy Robertson

My husband and i dated once a week until he died. Would take dinner to the hospital near the end. Was so glad i did. Nurses were cute. Would shut his door so we could be alone

Jim Kirk

I just went on a date with my girlfriend(Angela Maines-Kirk) on Sunday. I took her to a great movie and bought her popcorn and we shared a drink. I love you my girlfriend.

Joie De Vivre

Dates don’t need to be regular to the extent that they become “routine”. But they have to be special for both each and everytime…

Jeremy Kucera

We all ways went on dates as much as we could when we had a sitter for her kids. But all in all that didn’t matter enough either.

Michelle Roseann Castañeda

that would be great,try to prepare something xtra ordinary,so even at home could be a momentous place for u to have ur date.right darling

Janine Maxon

My husband and I were together for 6 years before getting married this October 1st. We FINALLY went to our first movie together that night.

Ann Evangelista

To have a love and marriage that continuously shows all effort. #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #marriedlifegoals #faithisstrong

Annette Brown

That’s so true you start forgetting why you fell in love even if You have kids.love them dearly but remember Dad&Mom came first

Shiela Gumera Apalisok

NO MORE DATES when we got married???…just a hug that lasts for just a bit or early morning hug is enough, but nope, NO HUGS . I love you, those three words will make my heart leap, oh it will make my heart leap but nope,I DON’T HEAR THEM ANYMORE….??.

Renny Rose Lopez Rodriguez

I never had a date with my husband after marrying him. After we made vows, things become worse. Everything changed. He’s always busy with his career and taking me for granted. I almost forgot the last time he made an effort for me. Few months ago, I caught him chasing with another girl.

Bryana Rains

Dates are still necessary in marriage, in my opinion. It helps to relieve stress, get away for a bit, spend time with the one you love and keeps the spark

Valerie Michelle Gutierrez

My husband doesn’t believe in dating me. Just “Adult time”. I miss it…feeling special etc. To much pressure and not enough of reality he says.

Ella Jean

And never fail to surprise her on special occasions or just a regular random day – even just one-stemmed rose or just a 3pcs of Ferrero or a single cupcake – it may be shallow for some but definitely will still melt a woman’s heart..

Earl Lheene

Said Talai…lets date inside the home?? watch movie together.. cook and eat together..talks and plan about future..cuddleling..tell.me random stories.. dance for me.. its more than enough!! I dont need expensive dates outside!!

Quiñones Nguyễn Cml

I don’t know about you guys but before we got married, we had to do marriage class in order for us to get married in the church. They did mention in class about how important “date night” is to a marriage. People get scared off because they think dates has to be out spending money on fancy shit. It doesn’t have to be!

Linda Talavera

So true!!!! Me and my husband make it a priority that once maybe twice a month we have us time with no kids. Either a date or even stay in a hotel over night. You’d be surprised what just a change of scenery can do!

Melissa Prillwitz

Dates r very important to have especially after u get married so u can remember what you two of u had at the beginning of your relationship so no matter what always make a night for a date night less once a week.

Stephen Bebee

Lol who can afford to go out after your married and paying bills. ..nice idea though. ..lol we have staycations ..stay home and drink til we can’t remember where we are lol

Brandon Taylor

Dont just go on dates. Take her where you both are strangers. That puts all the attention on her. I promise its sound advice.