Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cindy Kirk

If you have to hide it
Delete it
Or if you know it would disappoint or upset your partner you should not be doing it

Doonia Abo-Hamzy

AMEN!!! there is more than one way to cheat it is not always physical! Men who say “i was never unfaithful” tend to forget there more than one way to be unfaithful!

Michelle Swift

Totally 100%. Unless there is the agreement between the two that it would be acceptable. It’s all about communication and honesty. But other than that, flirting feels just as bad as cheating to me. It’s like, 1st degree cheating lol. Then kissing and touching is second degree. And sex is third. I believe true love sets your eyes only on each other, but like I said, truth and honesty is what it all comes down to.

Kimberly Williamson

If you purposely go out of your way to flirt with someone while you’re in a relationship, or go out of your way to flirt with someone has a significant other, than yes I can see this. However, people have told me that my personality is bubbly and “flirty” when my motives are to be friendly and make others smile. So there are a lot of cases that it can be taken as “cheating” but keep in mind that some people take being friendly as “flirting” and “she/he likes me”. I would never just flirt with someone being with my… Read more »

Will Ruiz

Flirting, well sure. But simple conversation or laughing at a funny joke is not. If your cant trust your man or woman than its either because they’ve cheated before, or you can’t trust Anyone.. Two people that truly love, respect, and trust each other would have no problem with the other having conversations with strangers or having other close friends. Remember, the best people have very few true friends. And you as a partner will respect their friendship. Small circles means loyalty. That simple. Three rules for great relationship, “never lie, keep the fights clean, and the sex dirty.”

Chaz Stewart

I agree. So why do women once they get you in a relationship flirt with other guys then say they don’t need to flirt with you because your there boy friend. Women love to act one way till your together then they stop all effort, sex, texts, attention, all drys up but hey if we guys act diff wear the problem or we shouldn’t get up set if the girl acts diff.

Krystal Sanchez

Flirting is a behavior as if you’re attracted to, or trying to attract someone.
It gives that person the ‘idea’ that you’re interested in them, regardless if they know you’re taken or not.
Don’t be in a relationship if you continue to flirt with people who are not your spouse/significant other. It’s disrespectful and just leads to unnecessary trouble.
People should be putting that kind of energy into their relationships by flirting with their spouse/significant other and being focused on them, and them only, other wise wth is the point?

Alisha Walker

Small talk, being nice, smiling or sharing a joke is not flirting. Flirting in my opinion is bringing in a sexual aspect to the conversation… So yes, I can agree with this post. The ones who cannot accept this will also be the ones wondering why they always end up alone, why every relationship they are in fails. Both men and women are guilty of this, not just one or the other. If you want to flirt, do it with your s/o, not someone else. And communicate with your other half. Make sure you both have the same idea/concept of… Read more »

Mary Mc Closkey

Depends on the flirting. If it’s out in the open harmless banter then that’s fine. If it’s more intense flirting, lies & hiding things from your partner then yes, it’s cheating. Not physically but emotionally.

Stephanie Renee

Definitely not the same, casual flirting is normal. If there are intentions behind it or if it is recurring and could lead to something more, then it is an issue. It’s natural to flirt casually. We’re human. It’s when you continually do so and have intentions of acting outside of your relationship that it is cheating.

Phil Bassett

If the person you care for doesn’t have certain boundaries reserved just for you, not just physical but emotional and confidential ones, then you are not special, you are merely ‘next.’ Any time you give or share something with another that should rightly only be given or shared with the one you are in a relationship with, you are cheating.

Mohamed Seif

Depends on your definition of flirting, but flirting for the sake of flirting and just being friendly without wanting anything in the end is not cheating. What IS considered cheating other than if you want gratification from a flirt, is if you’re neglecting the emotional needs or if you can get that emotional gratification from your significant other but you’re not. At the end of the day, just don’t take each other for granted and do whatever makes you BOTH happy.

Nicole Benson

If your partner knows and approves, it’s not cheating. If you feel like you should be hiding it, it’s cheating.

These principals apply to the whole gamut of interaction. From flirting to sex and everything in between.

Dorrie Anderson

If your relationships is built on solid ground, simple carefree flirting wouldn’t jeopardize it. If your flirting with intention or flirting while your partner is emotionally neglected. Yes. That’s as bad as cheating!

Omer Amin

Hope everyone read this.most of you say flirting is fine.most of u r fools.u cant even define love.u dont even know what real true love is.love is about sacrifice for the one you love.love isnt about trust .its about loyalty.trust can be a lie when loyalty not.even if there are 1 billion girls around me.yet I chose her and I love her.if I want to flirt, I would with her only! If I want to wink my eye for someone, I would wink for my love only.trust cannot fill love completely.but loyalty does.do u all see why so many break… Read more »

Anne Marie Bernadette Steinbach

I don’t agree. You should have more faith in your partner. Jealous behavior is just a sign of insecurity. Casual flirting is not a big deal. I would not even date someone that was that easy to get jealous.

Adéle Blignaut

Why do people flirt??? To get attention from someone. Now if you have someone in your life why are you flirting? That means you are not satisfied with what you have, you are looking for something else and obviously that will lead to cheating…

Vicky Harrison

“It’s not a jealousy issue, it’s a respect issue”
Never a truer statement said.

It’s disrespectful to flirt with someone other than your partner.
It insinuates something far deeper than “just being friendly”, and plants a seed of doubt in people’s minds.

If you wanna flirt, flirt with your other half.

Dusty Jones

Hi very true people because like I say if you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend stay the boyfriend sees this other girl he goes up to her and starts flirting with her what is he doing it doesn’t make sense you’re with your girlfriend she’s right next to you and you’re actually flirting with this girl do you really have to stop because technically you would totally get with this girl so stay away from other girls the same thing with the girls don’t do this when your boyfriend don’t flirt with another guy because he’s going to be pissed… Read more »

Camia Wilmington

Agreed. Flirting leads to other things and opens doors of possibilities that should not be there. So for the people who are saying flirting shouldn’t effect a solid relationship, if you have a solid relationship you wouldn’t need to flirt with anyone else. And any kind of romantic emotional attachment or thoughts of someone else while with someone is cheating. If you find it easier to hug, compliment, or otherwise touch someone else and not your own partner, something is wrong with you. Don’t be that shitty person.

Rhonda Ellington

I agree Casey MJ. Karma will work it out. Got to love the ones who will flirt with your man and then tell lies about YOU, the one he is actually with. HA! If you have to convince yourself he is not with me to clear your own conscience, you have problems my friend, much deeper than flirting with someone else’s man.

Bryana Rains

It’s very disrespectful and I consider it a form of cheating, you are giving your feelings and lustful thoughts to someone else when you should NOT be

Jac Ward

Situation dependant on this one…..some sales positions being flirty is part of the job. But then theres Flirting with intention of testing the waters with someone you are atracted to, this to me is the start of cheating and is disrespecting your relationship and significant other.

Deano Grazioso

This depends on what kind of flirting. There is the fun playful flirting that you can do with your significant other there that everyone involved knows is just innocent playing, and then there is flirting that goes too far and has ill intentions that you don’t dare do with your significant other in the room, much less standing next to you… If you don’t feel right doing something with your SO there with you, then it is cheating….