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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Heather Kohu

Ive found the perfect man and hes had me in tears a couple times. Just need to know we all make mistakes. Some bigger than others. But my man is worth every tear

Heather Krogh

I used this quote on someone and let’s just say he was not appreciative of it. Said a lot about us character.

Dan Hines

Tears will happen, but if they really care they won’t try to make you cry on purpose

Tabitha Albrich

AustinJohnsen for some reason this made me think of you

Shehzi Murad Mangwano

Nobody will stand with you when you need, it’s you who has to do something for you!

Patricia Clouse

I certianly hope so. So much time wasted. Sooo many tears cried.

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

True no one is worth anyone’s tears. Yet what utter bulllsh*t to the second part.

Patrick Doublin

This is one of the most naive things I have ever seen, good luck with your future failed relationships.

Larissa Cardwell

The one that is worth it will have you cry happy tears only. x

Stgo Joann

Well I guess he is not the one then…i’ve cried myself to sleep many times?

Michelle Williams

Sure they will. Just in different ways for different reasons.

Carlos Nunez

Beautiful thought , but the stupid heart little knows about logic.

Clinton Alan Holt

people are imperfect if you expect not to cry in a real relationship please dont get in one

Rico Rico Habeahan

You know, there are always going to be a problem in life. It’s a perfectly good response to cry when you are under pressure. It’s not whether you cry or not that defines if a relationship is good or not. It’s whether the person you are with will cry along with you and try and solve it out until they are unable. That’s when you know they truly love you.

Candace Colleen Jones

I dont agree with this statement simply because my man has made me cry tears of joy and happiness and tears of sadness and tears of anger. No relationship is perfect with no tears and no ups and downs. The ups and downs are what make the relationship perfect because you got through it all together!

Vince Ebey

The right person will still make you cry. Hopefully for reasons of joy, laughter, and love. They will also make you cry if they are sad, sick, or hurt. It’s called empathy and compassion for each other during time of need. Crying isn’t a bad thing to have in a relationship as long as it’s for the right reasons. In fact it is quite healthy and therapeutic. So strive for a healthy, loving, and respectful relationship and you find your happiness.

Stevie Luplow

I disagree. Sometimes even the right one will make you cry. Sometimes they don’t know they have. However, the right one will never intentionally make you cry, except happy tears 🙂

Kimberley Barcus

You’ll cry in every relationship. But if you’re crying over and over for the same reasons, why bother? Love isn’t as hard as a lot of people make it. You either love someone, or you don’t. Move on so no one’s time gets wasted.

Alex Krstanovic

Simplistic & not true, if the one you love isn’t worthy of your tears, who is? No matter how much you love someone, sometimes bad things happen & tears can flow, what matters is what you do when they do

Kenny Sanapaw

I can honestly say I may one girl cry from being sweet and romantic. On more than one occasion. But this isn’t what the post is about.

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

In every relationship there is a tear but it’s up to u if u truly love someone so that tear not make any matter the matter is ur love for him or her and that tear is very little when ur love is true and understandable for u both.In every love there is a tear to make ur love strong

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Kaneez E Makhdooma Sa

All people are fake.. No one understands … Only words are limited to words only