Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Maybeline Schmoll

One of the most powerful things a human being could do for themselves is to understand that when others hurts us it’s a clear reflection of their character, coming to those sense and getting that peace for your soul it’s crucial.
There are two types of pains, one that hurt you and the other that changes you!💜

Nour Farag

Learn from your past
Forgive yourself
Keep moving forward…
the future waiting you 🙂

Frank Gradiska

This is very true. It took me awhile to realize it but you have to live in the now.

Sohail Abbas

Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today ..
So celebrate it ..
Don’t let it haunt it you. …..

Priyanthi Sb

But i think past is the worst thing wich effect our feauter…

Matthew Edney

ahahahah that’s funny, because the past will always hurt you if you let it, or it sets in motion a chain of events

Ruby Bains

U have to b a saint to forget the past.
Dnt let it overtake ur happiness butdnt let them give u wounds again sooo tht u r nt hurt over again and again.
B happy with ur children

Bjh Hershberger

This is so true because the past is dead there’s nothing you can do about it it’s time to move on

Rich Richardson

Very true but it is always a part of who you are and, it does still hurt.

Hans Steine

Do this before you try to relive…or you hurt your chance for growth and whomever you think your next “forever” is…

Ann Evangelista

a little more effort to completely get over the past…Lord, give me strength.

Susan Sikes

No the damage is already done, all you can do is try to learn and move on, scars and all. Aah if I knew then what I know now, I’d still be screwed up.

Vincent Carisse

I look at the present time and the futur. I know I don’t have a futur, but I can still imagine what it can be. Even though, it won’t happen.

Amy Brooke Adams

Wish that exes got over ur past and stop trying to make it “your future” just cos u got fucked over in the past doesn’t mean every girl does it!! The point is u moved on, accept it, you choose to be with the one u are with.. But nope wasn’t good enough. I don’t believe u have to get rid of it past relationships/friends to be In love with your new lover.. They got to accept u have a past and they should trust u enough to know you are their future .. If they are to dumb to… Read more »

Melissa Finn

I’m over my ex, over the hurt that he caused. I hate him, but there’s no “hate” in my heart anymore. However that does not stop me from forever being weary or cautious of anyone else lying to me and breaking my heart like he did.

Larissa Cardwell

It can hurt you only if you let it. I saw someone I thought I really liked again recently. I thought I was getting over them/pretty much over them, but when I got back to my place I realised I wasnt when the tears started to flow. Anyway things turn out for a reason.

Angie DiFranco

Some people love to look back at past no matter who they hurt. I say let go. Love those who are right in front of you and showing and giving. Stupid stuff may be said. But. If they continually love their past there is no place for you in their FUTURE!!

Luvlia Hr

Trying to..hopefully can put those bitter experienced far far away behind me..& step up for another chapter of beginning in my life with more sweet experience & more lively..hopefully..😌🌹

Low AndAva

The pain can be more painful when the person causing your pain blames you for their actions and refused to take responsibility for their actions. That is hard to cope with.

Beckey St Onge

Very difficult to accept the past is over….to accept the fact that the one person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with, whom you thought and know is your soul mate has up and walked out of your life….Very difficult ;(

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

Absolutely true if the time pass then time never come again but if u not forget ur past then u never be happy in ur life so forget ur past and step forward to get the happiness because if one door close then many doors r open but it’s up to u that wat u want live in ur past with bad and old memories which r now no longer useful for u and it only give u tear or see ur bright future which is waiting for u

Jim Lavita

It was okay though when I paid all your bills gave you cigarettes and everything else right and I’d you did not like me anymore why stay I wonder

Lillie Lilly

It should remain where it belongs n that’s the past