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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jessica Marie

All true, but also true is that you will start feeling so much better once the pain eases up. I’m over that hurdle. I’m so glad it’s over.

Wynn Elliott

Just starting this healing and moving on process and some days are easier then others, but I know deep down if he pulled his head out of his ass and came back I would instantly go back ??

Aira Forsander

Gotten over and healed and moved…
The best feeling ever when noticed ex can’t anymore hurt even what he does 😀
I gave myself now change to feel the true love with a real man who give me all of him <3
I won't take his love for granted even apprecieate this much and take care about it <3

Libby Deardorff Gulbranson

I’ve read that it takes anywhere from 90 days to two years for the initial burn to run itself through your system.

Although, I don’t think you really ever forget that kind of sting – no matter how strong you think you may be?


Laura Janeth Blanco

I let go once and for all, God has mysterious ways of showing his humor, he brought him came back a new man, one with a new heart and is making me happier than I’ve ever been! Set them free and set yourself free, if it’s meant to be, God will make it happen! ❤️??

Olga Avila

What seems like to much pain will eventually make you realize that they WERE the creator of pain. When peace kicks in you’ll just wish you would’ve done it sooner.

Nick Charuk

The worst part is losing someone because you were too blind to love them like you should have. Maybe It was never meant to work out but the regret will always remain. I could have been so much better to her but it’s too late and i might never forgive myself

Llyle Tiquia Concepcion

Truth really hurts…I still love her despite what happen.cant over and cant move on..try to focus instead with work but something missing…?

Regina Laws

I will say try to do all you can first! Therapy, prayer, soul searching to make sure what role you have in the relationship. Talking to each other! Even when it’s right to move on I can tell you as far as family it is hard. You share your children, they are not with you on holidays when they should be. They get pulled in different directions, it’s hurts no matter how right the decision was. Just make sure you have done all you can and that the love you had is unable to be saved. Know you did all… Read more »

Les Fitzsimmons

You don’t have to let go, we haven’t even tried to fix things. I still love you more than ever, and I’m gonna fight for you because us and our kids are worth it, and they deserve us. You can’t just throw your hands in the air and run away when things get hard, every relationship needs some work and effort from both parties, great things don’t just happen by sitting back and watching it. You can’t just walk away from me without an explanation, I devoted my life to being a husband and father, I’m not perfect, but at… Read more »

Marcus D Whitmore

You don’t have to let them go. You can love them from a distance.

The ability to forgive but not forget is stronger than jealousy and vindictiveness.

George M. Coleman

Hard but probably necessary…if you’re wanted and enough for someone you’ll know nowadays…if they’re still adding potential and wannabe partners to their social media outlets daily you’re obviously not enough to quench their thirst or fulfill the need or want they desire…..

Jeb Pacquiao

First of all, honestly I did met diff. kinds of Girls in life and had a relationship but it didnt last long. At first its so painful but it made me strong. Now I met this one girl a couple of months ago, Am I the only one who felt deeply in love with a girl in just a short period of time, and idk wtfs happening to me, i also care for her in fact i feel jealous when i saw her with some other guy i wish it was me. We didn’t even have long conversations… dF I’m… Read more »

Justin Sanders

Remember, just because one man or woman doesn’t appreciate you, it doesn’t mean someone out there won’t. Give other people a chance.

Christian Simeon

This is why life is so fucked up. people see it as a game. Quitters never win. All yiu do is keep repeating that same cycle over and over again. LIFE IS NOT A VIDEO GAME! Stick with your feelings and eventually you will work it out with that person.

Justin Baumgardner

I just separated from my wife of 16 years. The entire time I was more than sweet and affectionate towards her and never really got it back in return. It made me try harder and harder as the years went on only for her to call it quits. Sometimes I hate the way I am, but it’s who I am.

Stacey Meyer

Everything happens for a reason! It’s just a matter of time b4 u get cold to the person you once loved and realized you probably lost the love a long time ago and just stayed becuz being rejected or the thought of him finding someone new and making it work was too much to handle! The truth is, is maybe it’s you maybe it’s him but who cares? You’re not happy move on!

Libby Deardorff Gulbranson

Over thinking will eat away at your life; please stop and save yourself before it gets worse. Your worth deserves so much more than that.

Time will heal all of your pain and suffering.

Praying and sending out courage, peace and strength to all.


Lý Thi Ly

That’s so true but its very hard to forget someone means so much to you, in my case I have to end it up with very disappointed and very hurtful until today I still think of him still miss him it’s so hard to let go of someone that matter to you , and everyday I try to tell myself why it happens that ways??

Ivan Garcia

The first few day are the hardest won’t lie. Waking up thinking of her all day, with the pain of her not in life anymore. But now I could say it’s getting easier and easier as the days pass by. I been working harder then ever and been hitting the gym harder then ever. I’m finding my self happier and stress free more then ever. Staying busy and staying strong is the key.

Frankie Albert

It always hurts to let go of somebody you have loved when it doesn’t work out. Many relationships faulter because one person does not know, love or respect themselves first. Some of these people could be considered narcissistic, self centered individuals. Love is not real to them. When a situation is not right for them or does not uphold to their selfish beliefs, they are the first to bail. They do not care or have no problem hurting you and will justify their actions in their mind, because they lack empathy. When you love someone more than they deserve, surely… Read more »

Dorothy Durden

I believe that if you don’t have good intentions and you just want to use someone who has feelings for you then you don’t have a right to treat people that way. I have been hurt because I was blinded by my feelings and emotions but I would do it differently from now on. I should have recognized that I loved them more than they deserved because I didn’t deserve to be hurt.

Maryjane Niebeling-Shelby

Yep, I’m tired of waiting for things to get better, when obviously they aren’t going to. The number one priority in his life is getting his drunk on from the time he wakes up till the time he goes to bed, every day, all day long!