Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Huyền Nhung Trần

This is stupid. What, do they think everyone lives in some fairytale? Be with someone who is adult enough to handle you when you’re mad and don’t want to talk to them and who you can handle when they get mad and don’t want to talk.

Be with someone who isn’t perfect but mature enough to handle someone not perfect.

Anthony Pilutik

Robyn… minus the third thing… u never have to be afraid of that babe

Wanda Mason

Yes it is someone who’s afraid of losing you now that is true love baby and it’s very special too!!!!

Clodel Gorin

We are only human , not a saint we do have limits to what we can take and tolerate , we are not in the film industry but we are living in a real world

Marcus D Whitmore

Who keeps putting sad faces? Your depressing me. God. Lol.

Ashley Fox

Posts like this are torturous because it gives you false hope that such a thing still exists in a selfish and lazy generation.

Kimberley Headford

Sounds like you’re recommending people stay with a doormat.

Patty Lyons

I was that someone, but he died in February. It’s gonna take a miracle to find that again.💔

Vickie Boyd

No, don’t you stay with someone because they feel this way, you stay with someone because you both feel this way…

Uche James Ikenrehi

I need someone to Answer this question for.. Because it has been disturbing me for sometime now….. DOES LOVE REALLY EXIST, IF YES KINDLY EXPLAIN PLEASE.. THANKS FRIENDS FOR UR contribution

Neomi Ferniza

If only this actually existed.. or am I just that easy to let go

Charles R Williams Jr.

It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world to know that someone cares enough to never want to break that connection with you.

Lori J. Ling

I think I am just easy to let go. It’s happened more than once. I was told that they didn’t want to lose me but that changed suddenly. It causes a person to lose all faith after being heart broken so many times. One can only take so much. Eventually just realizing being alone is easier.

Dusty Jones

I hope I find a girl that will stay with me always supporting me love me help me out when I have a bad day comfort me when I’m crying just do all the healthy stuff and I’ll do the same for her

Luvlia Hr

I’m truly blessed if I hv a guy who always there for me..forgive me or correct me if I did something wrong..guide me to the right path..comfort me..& cheer me up if I’m feeling down..I will be grateful if he accepts me who I am not my weakness..😌

Christy Van Inwegen

Idk if he can stand to be away from me. I know I can’t stand to be away from him.