Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Lori Russell Siehr

I have found it very difficult to find a man who:
1. Is willing to be in a relationship
2. Can hold an intelligent conversation
3. Has found success in their career
4. Isn’t emotionally decimated from previous relationships
Luckily I’m independent enough to resist settling. All I’m asking is that a man bring a similar level of qualities to the table that I am bringing…apparently that’s asking too much. I’ll tell you this: women need to stop settling and men need to UP their game.

Syndy Buchanan

No I don’t agree. If you’re smart, then you should be smart enough to know how to collaborate and compromise with others in a manner that would attract a relationship. And independence doesn’t mean you don’t have a need for others and that someone cannot contribute to your life…and it definitely doesn’t mean there is no desire. I think the more smart and independent, the better off you are in finding a relationship, as well as finding a relationship that is genuine and authentic, rather than one that is forced because of a financial need.

Jay Holm

Their is a big difference between being financially independent as in grown up and responsible and taking care of yourself. . .and being emotionally independent, most people anyway have the emotional need to feel wanted and needed by someone, like they fill a purpose in someone’s life and have meaning to someone.
Emotional Independence is not good, in my opinion anyway.

Kelly Trahan

Agreed! For some reason, many men are intimidated by strong, successful women. Intelligent women. I’ve heard this directly from a number of men. It’s an ego thing. It doesn’t mean finding love is impossible…it’s just more difficult.

Christian Andre Zuniga

I strongly agree because despite all the success and wealth a woman acquires, at the end of the day all a Man wants is a good, loyal, submissive housewife. That’s just the way it is. No college degree or anybody is gonna change that.

Tiffany Dennis

Some girlfriends and I were just talking about this! They think that guys are intimidated by me. 😕 apparently it’s not ok to know how to disassemble a gun and know how to shoot it. To know how to cook clean, and sew, along with other abilities.

Kyle James

Um….NO….because that’s just an excuse… I found love and i hate everyone and rely on no one… So this is nonsensical… Yea being independent is great. And you should always strive to be smarter.. But to pretend it keeps you out of love is RIDICULOUS…don’t share this.. It makes you look foolish,selfish,stupid,idiotic and remedial…. If you haven’t found love it isn’t your fault or the fact that you are living your life… Take that step and make the change you don’t think you need to make and everything will be better… You may think you’re perfect but you probably aren’t..… Read more »

Frankie Albert

False. Smarts and independence have nothing to do with love. The only way you will find love, is if one respects, loves and knows themselves so they can give love back.

Chantelle G Thompson

I think this statement has ups and downs! Because being an independent woman that man has to be wayyyyy above you because she could’ve of being a female who settled for soooooo little that she pushed her way too the top and that man like I said has to be above to meet or do things she REALLY can’t do for herself! Soooo it would be kind of hard but there’s someone for all of us! Now the other way around is this being a female who don’t really have or meet those criterias may somehow just settle no matter… Read more »

Wes Ross

In not sure that rings true, completely?
I think intelligence and independence are great qualities and I admire anyone who backs themselves to aspire to both levels.
I think there are lots of independent intelligent people out there that shouldn’t have to drop there standards they just need to try to accept that we are all flawed and that makes us human. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness unless your a Ninja Assassin 😀😂

Sumit Singh

It is many things but not intelligence.
-Sometimes you are just not surrounded by your target market.
-Too shy to approach and fear of rejection
– Not wanting to change but expecting the other person to mould around your lifestyle
– Confidence perceived as arrogance
– Being able to express humility (we are all humble but don’t always show it)
– Sometimes we are looking for something that may not even exist.
Looking forward to the positively expressed criticism under this post 🙂 Happy posting

Lana Thomas

Yes because you don’t have to put up with crap just to have a man help you pay the bills Ladies be self supporting and humble and a good man will show up. DO NOT SETTLE.

Victoryighelogbo Antoni

Been smart or been an independent person doesn’t make you a perfect human being, without been with those you love or care for your smartness and independence is a big waste because there is no one to compliment your smartness and independence

Brandie Gubler

I think its because you have higher standards and dont settle. You have a busier life, generally, so you dont have time to date bc youre doing other things like working, studying, volunteering, etc. Also, I think people are intimidated by independence and brains so they are afraid to approach him/her.
Not bashing being the opposite way, I lm just giving my opinion.

Syrena Hall

Strongly disagree, every single woman im sure is quite independant , best way to be, shouldn’t have to rely on any man for anything . Nothing is guaranteed in this world, especially the love and support from a good man, everything can change in the blink of an eye

Katrina Mayer

I agree. Only because when dating you are basically weeding out what doesn’t click. In lack of better words, a man or woman that is insecure in their own being will not know how to handle the confidence of a strong man or woman. Women want men, not boys and men want women, not girls.

Jaala Shirley

Disagree. This is bull! So those of us who are in love are unintelligent and needy? What people really need to do to find love is stop playing games and treat others how they would want to be treated themselves. Stop wasting time trying to “make” someone the one, if they aren’t right for you move one. Be single for when the right one comes along.

Nathan Dowlen

My girlfriend is so smart and super independent. However, I am too. So thus we are learning from one another’s intelligence while joining together as a team which has made us Super strong.

Amanda Webster

I agree. It doesn’t mean you won’t find love- it just means that you are less likely to make concessions to be with the wrong guy. Anyone can find love- but love that is actually good for you? Way harder.

Eds Andie

Not at all times but somehow it’s true cause one might set a very high expectations and standards for a partner or might as well intimidate other people ..#justsayin 😊😊

Marcus D Whitmore

What I mean is that you have to find yourself before you find someone else.

The biggest problem with relationships is people are insecure.

You don’t date someone so they can complete you. You must be completed already.

People are intimidated by someone who is secure already in their life and they may become jealous of them.

Kari Ma

Apparently being an independent woman looks like a threat for some men…it’s a pity, it should be seen on a positive way not the contrary 😐

Linda Morgan

I’ve learned a lot these past years dating and I’m finding it harder to meet someone who can deal with my up front honesty. I know what I’m looking for and what I want… why do guys insists they know better than me,especially those who I have never met. It’s real simple honesty,trust, faithfulness and love..deep and true

Alessia Gagliardi

I actually agree you tend to get things done your way and sometimes is a hard habit to brake plus the older you get you know more what u like and want .

Chris Snyder

agreed. and people don’t get butt hurt when I say this (ladies mostly) there are more independent men then there are women due to how stubborn men are and always will be. we dont give up until we have what we want and our male pride says we want it without any help. corporations are almost always men at the top or starting businesses. now there are some, many in fact, kick ass corporations led by women, but men can be more independent if the guy tries.