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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Veronica Montague

If you show too much emotions or get too attached some people can run you over like a train wreck. Is best to keep those feelings flushed down. Share em with your dog but not someone of the opposite sex unless they are willing to spend their life with you, like marriage

Connie Castañeda

Um…cuz it makes people uncomfortable. But, I’d like to think I’m pretty damn honest when it counts. If I miss u, I’ll tell u. If I like u in any form, I pretty much show it or if I trust them enough, tell them. But. Truth be told, doesn’t matter what I feel, it’s basically how the recipient feels. Maybe they’re too scared to face the fact that someone actually may care about them and that’s when they run/push away. So unfortunate. Smh

Maria Esperanza

Everyone can be assertive in expressing their emotions. When you express them in assertively, no one gets ashamed or feels ashamed, and everyone feels equal and respected. I think it also applies to expressing affection/love to someone you like. There are feelings of rejection of course, but assertiveness sets the boundaries for both respect and acknowledgement. If negative emotions are triggered, which can be unavoidable sometimes, at least the one who experiences them will be able to process them in a healthy manner because of the clarity and honesty of the other person. If we learned how to be assertive… Read more »

Evelyn Maralit

Dapat gut level n kayo if you’ve been frends longer than the tullahan river . Instead n magkaswaan, isusustain at mag effort din .para ma enjoy ang togetherness .find ways. To find seek or know each other’s need to help ..lalo n ngayon daming trabaho .salamat sa mga lovables ko ..

Connie Belandres Vandenhaak

Because some people are scared to hear it, which I seriously don’t understand. If you’re scared to be in serious relationship, then just be alone. Don’t bother other people. Because once you approach someone, there’s always this chance that person will fall for you.

Susan Pietsch

Because humanity doesn’t know how to be human anymore. Humans have lost the meaning of love, compassion, and understanding. It’s a sad world we live in. But there are still a few of us left who still have those qualities so not all hope is lost.

Vanya Louise Rustia Atienza

I’m brutally honest 98%,my intentions is not to hurt people or anything like that. I’m just being honest and I want people to do the same with me. It’s just most people are expecting too much and taking everything too seriously.. Ahahahahhahahahah people needs to breath sometimes and feel their blood. ?

Jennifer Walker

i did this. have been doing this. my finace ran away to california. im 12 weeks pregant with his child and now havent heard from him in a while says hes getting other woman pregant. not cool for a 43 year old man. Makes me sad and i wonder why. what did i do so wrong to deserve this?

Julie Ann

Me! But i am not as delicate… Not funny but humorous. We are all a work in progress! I have to be honest though, I am one of the most honest person, people will come in contact with, if they are willing to yield and listen.

Edgar Panaguiton

You cant be painfully honest. Stock market will collapse, economy will crash, churches would fold, government would fail and life as you know it would cease to exist.

Lie is the bloodline of our existence. ?

Ouafae Allouch

I wish it could be really easy as you described it. Saying exactly what you feel without being afraid or scared. Emotionally talking it’s too bad to.your health’s mind. But people ignore this. I have been studying this for two years and finally I decided to be really honest with people. If I love them I must tell them . If I don’t like someone to do something of specific must tell him/her. Being honest…can save lives sometimes. The non presence of Honesty… communication… debate… that’s why people can broke easily because of a tiny misunderstanding ….

Frankie Albert

The world has become a transparent place. You can thank modern technology and our communication devices for separating us from each other and causing us to be more enclosed. You can thank all the millions of people on this earth who are tainted by past relationships and can’t seem to put those feelings aside but rather bring them into future relationships. You can thank lots of people for growing up not knowing, loving or respecting themselves due to either family issues, poor parenting or not really knowing their soul which in turn causes relationships to falter. You can thank the… Read more »

Jace Cavacini

Because attachment is a social faux pas in the USA (notice the “without sounding desperate” part). Because honesty and sincerity and emotions are all social faux pas in the USA, and everyone must be sarcastic and pre-emptively hostile at all times. Because people don’t know their own minds and don’t like to self-reflect, and our education system has no program to help with that, so we either learn it on our own or we don’t learn it at all. Because people have shitty communication skills (see above about education; there’s been a concept around for decades called “non-violent communication” that… Read more »

Sonja Velasco

Because everyone is ruled by expectation and pre conceived ideas about why people say things instead of taking the truth as it is without further meaning. I’m guilty of this always.

Emilia Isabel Gongora

That is so true !! So happy others think and feel the same!!! Why do we need to label such honesty, when in fact it’s so rare and valuable!?

Mitchell Biller

“without sounding painfully desperate” <-- that's the problem because the one who decides whether it is desperate or not, is the one listening. And they decide based off of whether those feelings are reciprocated or even wanted, rather than just accepting another persons feelings regardless. Hence, everyone having low self esteem and not sharing, because they'd rather feel a false sense of worthlessness that they can deny, than try, and feel a true worthlessness that is given to them by what others think. Because People don't realize that 'they' decide their worth, not others. Not society.So perhaps instead of a "why can't people say what they want and feel?" there is a "why can't we accept peoples feelings and wants, regardless of whether they are reciprocated?" But even regardless of others acceptance, people need to learn self worth, before they can handle peer evaluations of worth. Which is something that is painful for those who people don't deem as worthy, and is nearly impossible to learn for those who ARE deemed worthy by society, because they have only learned self worth by others standards, and if those standards were to suddenly change then they'd have no self driven esteem to keep them from feeling worthless.So I guess the real question is, "Why don't we teach people that it doesn't matter what other people think of your worth, but that only your view of your worth is valid in deciding who you are and will become? Instead of it being the opposite?"

David Hernandez

I never understood the term, “painfully honesty”.. Why does honesty have to be painful?? I think honesty can be great as long as you give it with grace instead of hurt.. Just saying..

Alex Jojo

No one feels for everyone.. they feel for those who is good looking.. and can complete there sexual desires.. no one loves for people heart and inner soul.. I am very disappointed due to this
.. I wish to meet to those who loves for soul.. I wish I could love those people.. I want to have in my life

Marcus D Whitmore

When you love someone, you respect what they think about you. So your afraid of their negative opinion of you. So you don’t always tell them how you feel.

That’s why it’s important when someone expresses their feelings for you, you don’t shit on them. You either repsefully decline and you be honest.

Jennifer Loffer

Because the response can be more detrimental to one’s psyche than keeping the truth to themselves. If they don’t feel the same and respond with honesty such as “thanks, but i could never feel the same” or “i think you’re creepy” it hurts, a lot.

Jennifer Bautista Turaray

I do most of the times..and then when i feel taken for granted or unappreciated,i know in time ill get over my feelings and move on. Atleast i can say i did my part.,till the very end that i can.no regrets after all. Its hard to persevere and be patient but harder to regret for doing nothing ☺️

Yu Nees

Because some people dont understand or they dont just really dont know how to treat people well.. Or wala lang talagang pakealam sa nararamdaman ng iba basta makuha lang nila ang gusto nila, end of story. ?

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3