Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kim Schmidt

Exactly…but some who are immature dont understand this. You really truly care about someone…you wouldn’t lie…cheat…you would have morals..integrity…you would honor your words. And never say * I love you* unless your have that true honest love…genuine love. Too many say it but dont understand the meaning. So many just dont have good character these days…sad.

Jennifer Hayes Russeau

Here’s one for you….what do you make of a person who “makes up stories”? They are stupid made up lies…my theory is this: If you r going to lie about stupid little stuff, then isn’t that person bound to lie about major/significant things??????

Sardar Waqas Pervez

Of course never lie..because of one lie you have to remember it in whole life and thousand other lie we speak..be fair be truthful always so that other may attracted by your truthfulness.

Alex Jojo

Sometimes you’ll feel alone even after never lying… because they leave us for others.. All the people in the world want a beautiful face not beautiful heart

Brandie Gubler

Along with lying, if you cannot be yourself 100% around a person you are with, get out. NEVER lie about the real you.

Samantha Rae

Or abuse in any form, or not compromise, or be selfish, or be lazy… I can keep going but I won’t. This is an obvious human to human interaction trait people should have. Don’t fucking lie TO ANYONE. Be genuine. If you decide fake is better than by all means be fucking fake Barbie.

Rameen Chaudhary

This doesn’t work.. People dnt care whether u lie to them or not.. They just don’t trust anyone .. N the one who never lies in the relationship gets hurt the most.. No one gives a fuck about a loyal partner n finally ends up ruining the whole relation.

Kimberly Hallman

Honesty and loyalty go hand in hand ..
Just because you were honest about something doesn’t mean your words/actions weren’t hurtful or right ..

Christiana Fanaa

I’ve been lied to numerous times. It’s not only lies that are the problem it’s hiding things. If you have a relationship with someone, and you want to keep it, you would not have anything to hide as far as I’m concerned.

Alana Black

So true! Requires both to be honest it can’t be one sided or the relationship is destined to fail. Nobody is perfect and anyone that thinks they are shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone other than themselves…

Diego Rodríguez Morán

No just that, a good communication is everything. If you communicate well with your partner everything will be ok. Respect and trust are the other two important things. And the golden rule is: if you don’t feel the same say it before is late.

Linda Baird

I totally trust and believe in this way. Although it’s never reciprocated. I have NEVER had a genuine trustworthy Husband. I still don’t waiver, bc when I lay d I wn at night on my pillow, MY CONSCIENCE IS CLEAN, AND CLEAR!!!

Anthony Duchane

Bein honest and bein loyal go hand in hand! Cause you can always be honest and never lie, but still do wrong and just come forth about it afterwards! Always stay loyal and honest no matter what! Always do what’s right!

Jonathan De Jesus

This always ends up going one sided. I have told nothing but the truth in my 2 long relationships. Unfortunately I was going out with pathological liars. They fooled me but w.e as you forget them, you see life is better without them and their lies. We live and we learn. Never change yourself for nobody. Be the kind and loving person and eventually that one will come around

Daniel Pulsford

Definitely true indeed actually because if Yahoo did lie to your girlfriend or wife for examples then she’ll end the relationship and also dumps you and also will treat you like a foul and never ever again ants to go back out with ya at all and also doesn’t wanna know you

Lazarus Barreno

Only lie to her when you want to surprise the living shit out of her. Like saying you are stuck at work and then randomly showing up to her workplace with some flowers and telling her that you are taking her out tonight for a nice dinner, a walk in the park, followed by a lovely chat about her day over a cup of coffee or tea 🙂 at least that’s what I did… and i still do even tho she chosed someone else.. but not as romantic

Nusrat Eila

Yeah…:/ quickest way to ruin one! Some people prefers those sweet lies…they talk about truths and honesty the most…but don’t have the guts to take it!

Melissa Graham

It’s sad when one will lie over simple things that were better with truth..after these little lies get found out it really questions what else is not on the level

Ainaa M Awan

Trust n honesty took a big role in every relationship.. no matters long or a short term….??
U can never trust any one without honesty n vice versa so when lies takes place this two will automatically vanish n relationship slowly ruin…..?? hateeeeeeee liersssss ??

Jueaqui Manesca

Shout out to my ex . i kept up with your immaturity,i kept up with your childishness and irresponsible ways sometimes but i can never ever again live with your dozen lies .. but you told me atleast a dozen lies that were too bad no other mature woman could take, i can bet on that. Im glad it’s over.

Angelil Gabriella

Very true! If you want to earn long and lasting love affair, be honest. If not, karma would strike you back. Trust and respect are the most essential factors to attain everlasting love. Honesty is the best policy as always.

Linda Fanganiello Charles

You don’t always know who is lying to you. Don’t believe everything he says. Start opening your eyes. Why does he not left me come to his house in a certain day? Bet he gives you an excuse……let go of him