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Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Frank Gradiska

We choose to make excuses for love that justifies others actions, however this is wrong and simply harmful to ourselves and in turn causing more pain and suffering. Sometimes it’s important to remember love yourself be happy within you before seeking others for additional happiness.

Tony Taylor

You had to share this truth that all man and women do not think the same or act like they should, the nerve of them, human nature, me first and last.

Tash Rousseau

But Yahwehs loyalty will always be there! and though it hurts to have people be selfish jerks…. God wont leave you and he will also deal with those that they may turn to him in love and repent.!. ❤️❤️

Rudy De Gazón

Dont let someone become your everything , because when they gone you have nothing…

Alina Avila

A. Si. Es. La. Vida. Unos. Estan. Y. Después vendrán. Otra. Mas adelanté y cuando. Hay. Juventud. Tienes. Un. Caminó. Por. De la. Lante. Tu no. Sabes el. Mañana. Que. Te. Espera. Mi hijo los quiero. Mucho

Steven Geary

In many if not the majority the more trust you give, the more it gets abused.

Burrows Maria

i don’t care where that man is in the Europe countries or USA am ready for a relationship that will lead to marriage please don’t message me from Indian or any other African country age should be 32 upward ……

Cynthia Savard

So True, this is for My Evil Sister & her Asshole if a Boyfriend Mat Demeester. STAY TRUE TO GOD HE IS ALWAYS TRUE TO YOU.

Aăă Neăr

I agree People that you are love the most, turn out to be you hated the most.

Brandie Gubler

That’s one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn.

Luvlia Hr

Sometimes the most person that u luv.. the most u’ll get hurt..end up u r the one will be suffered..??

Kallycharran Savitri

So true some people only want to use you for getting things there way when that is done God help you bcz the turn away don’t even look back

Stacey Ross

Im not sure my wife even knows what respect is i shouldt have to teach her she should have already known what it means i guess i overlooked that from the beginning so i recon it is my fault

Clodel Gorin

Not in all cases bcoz some of us rely too much on gossips or listening to others opinion not knowing it for ourself of what really the true story is . We only don’t have control when it is others doing the controlling

Voni Wen

So true. Hence i tried to do what i like and dont expect returns. Yet sometimes its sad you give it all and you end up with nothing. Love ourselves better.

Nikki Ferreira

So true, you give them everything your whole heart and soul you trust them. Trust that they’ll give you the same respect that you give them, but they just take advantage of you and just except you to do and take care of things while they’re never around until they need something from you. When you’re just being used as a necessity, just one of many options for them to choose from It’s not a relationship when only one person is involved and around

Heather Musselman

Yup. And sometimes the person you are 100% loyal to isnt 100% loyal to you. I decided to put some things out of my mind and let it go. Just trust that the issue is gone. But I will always wonder . going with the flow!

Vanessa Allen

So true, the only person you can control or change is you. If your With a person who doesn’t care how their actions effect others, and continuously shows no remorse you will get nowhere… The relationship is dead. You can only take that heartache so many times.

Teresa Sativa

Yup. ..and sadly cheaters will blame their partner for the lacking of small things when instead, he or she could simply sit down and discuss how to make a positive change _ and then prevent disloyalty. If your in a relationship. Work together. It’s not a competition!

Aphro Tabora Abarquez

Grabe HUGOT!!!!:))) but rest assured that the good Lord is just helping you filter who really matters most in your life:)))) don’t loose hope in the goodness of God and people He will send to you.:)

Denice Isaacs

So true a person stays loyal only if he or she whats to, the other persons in the relationship dedication doesn’t matter.Because those who want to be loyal and faithful do so

RJ Austria

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Lisa Ellison

So very true!!!! I went thru a season where the Lord revealed the good and bad ppl in my life. Boy, was I shocked. Thank you Jesus, your my everything and my best friend!

Brendon Mark Weerapass

Yeap, did so much for so lil, my only mistake was letting someone in again.. lesson learnt.. Never let the heart win again, it’ll destroy everything else in ur life.. haiz.. ?

Bmo Gnay

Even your own immediate family can screw you over multiple times too. I had enough and had to cut ties and move on.