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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Mustafa Alam

When you know your value, then don’t be with someone that treat you like you are worthless. If a person can’t respect and appreciate having you, let go of that person. Let go of someone that does not deserve you and make room for someone that will treat you better.

Erin Michelle

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m done choosing men who put me at the bottom of their list. I am too damn Amazing for that.

Ouafae Allouch

Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and focus as much as possible in what you really deserve!!

Sai Ortiz Albor

Yes I prefer to be alone knowing that God is always by my side. 🙂

Lisa Patino

Difficult choice.. but so worth it. Definitely in a better place than I was 2 years ago! ❤

Holly Harper

Amen, waiting for the opportunity to do this!matter of time.

Liza Soribello

AMEN.. Absolutely TRUE.. You’ve said it LOUD & CLEAR..THK U!!!!

Tabassum Mawla

this is bezt way to keep ur value nd to know ur place in that persons life i agree with Mustafa Alam

Forest Mosley II

This is so true, time to stop chasing a dream and wake up and realize the truth no matter how disappointing it is.

Tamara Kozerski

Done it too much for too long… I’m done. It’s about ME… & finally valuing ME enough to know I’m worth the same energy I give out

Carrie McKowen

So beautifully written and a coincidence of what’s currently going on in my life. Trust me, I am very well aware of my value.

Kris Vance

I agree when you feel unvalued and others don’t allow you to express yourself or believe you are worthy they need to leave your life and begin to work on themeselves so you can see you in the best light no matter what…..

Ivan Garcia

I just finally let her go, I was trying to get her back but in the end it didn’t work. I was stressing over everything I did just to make her happy. This weekend was the 1st weekend I truly enjoyed with out stressing. If she loves me she will open her eyes and try to find me.

Kate Meakin

Amen to that ? being so in love with someone who can seem so cold towards you and half hearted is such a horrible feeling. Constant wondering how they really feel. Give them your all and putting them first to get nothing back. Being disrespected and spoken to like a worthless piece of shit is so hurtful.

Chibuzor Mgbemena

Thought of great values produce outstnding values, for what goes into your mind is what you voice out.Show me that great man and i will show you the man that thinks greatly. The thought of mediocrity makes a mediocre while the thought of greatnes makes a great man.You are the way you are because that is the way you see yourself. That is why the first steps of a ladder of excelence is to think excelently-as you think in your heart so you are,do not accept defeate or people’s negative opinions.How can some one who is yet to find meaning… Read more »

Rose Kennedy

When you know that you have given so much of you to an unappreciated person with no compassion of what you are doing for them, then it is time to move around because they don’t deserve you,The old saying I can do bad by my self.

James Hofstader

As easy as it may sound to do — and logical — it’s not so easy at all, believe me…one of the hardest, yet eventually most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life

Sumayy'a Arif Wallara

Idk but I think now I’m just a option is his life. I think he’s over or maybe he’s done with me. And its hurting me a lot … He ignore me maybe for another girl or maybe for friend. I know he doesnt deserve me but still im with him idk why oh why, But at the end I just realized no body cares 🙂

Gaurav Sinha

Some people don’t have the guts to keep their promises and starts changing with time blaming you for everything. And then they starts taking you for granted and at that moment yu need to leave that person because you can’t expect a person to stand by your side if he/she don’t have the courage keep the promises and to compromise things for their relationship.

Grace Paculba Caleo

Hahaha! May naalala ako dito, yung he seemed so perfect tas na turn off ako ibibigay niya daw ba sakin yung ka buy one take one na binili niyang slipper ni girl. Kafal! HAHAHA ?
Ayun, narealize ko, ang pangit niya pala talaga ??

Manny Ayala

I did so much only to be compared to everyone else in line including exes who were STILL in that line. I deserve better. We ALL deserve better