Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Travis Richardson

I’m 32 years old. Had 7 major relationships lasting between 1 and 4 years. I’ve never cheated. It’s about respect and loyalty. If you have the urge to be with someone else it means you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

Jocelyn Tapulao Casas

The one’s who says NO in here probably had a bad experience, me too. But Lets not judge all of them, there will be someone who will be faithful to you, to us in the right time:)

Evon Eby

If he’s man enough and has a heart !! Not sure if there’s to many out there anymore…I’ve been in relationships and the man always cheated wth others..couldn’t handle one how the hell can he handle more !!?? User, player period !!!

Dawn Marie

I’ve never been cheated on before and my husband of 7 years recently cheated on me and I kicked him out. I am having a really hard time with this. Feeling insecure, worthless and devastated. Any advice would help

Joel Galvan

Of course. Both genders can, the key is that they wish to do it. Cheating to me is something I can’t wrap mu head around.. Why would you betray the trust of someone who loves you? I just never understood the “stud” mentality, and never will.

Anthony Francone

Yes, but after my last relationship I guess the question is can the girl remain faithful as well? As much as society likes to look at men as the cheaters, women are guilty as well. And men get hurt, sometimes badly. It’s not a mistake to cheat, it’s a choice

Lee Morgan

I have never cheated in any relationship that I have been in! When I get in a relationship, I am all in!

Tyler Shults

Yes a man can be completely committed to one woman. A gentleman only has eyes for one woman. If you care about the person regardless of man or woman it’s not hard to be committed.

Daisy Dau

I think the real question you should ask others and yourself : “How do you define faithful?”
Because there are circumstances whether one person is spending their life with their spouse, but truely madly deeply, their soul and spirit are forever in love with someone else.

So how do you define “faithful” here?

Gilbert Jimenez

Yes, absofuckinlutely!!!! If he truly loves this woman, loyalty is without question. Only thing is, can that same woman be faithful to you. You see, the love of my life left me 4 months ago with my 1 and a half yr old daughter. Says she needed time to think and find herself. Now let me first tell you, I am 41yrs old, and my beautiful wife is 24yrs old. Well, needing time to find yourself is fine within a month or two, but over 4 months now. And she got herself a job, and my daughter is in daycare.… Read more »

Ronan Rose

Not a day goes by thinking or wanting another woman for me. She is my light, and I’d be lost without her. Honestly I don’t think another woman could satisfy me on all levels like she does! No offense to any ladies reading this….

Vanessa E Torres

I would say no but I am sure there are amazing men who love their wife and wouldn’t stray. Too much temptation. life is not the same as years ago where married couples stayed together because of love. Now one is easily distracted and mistakes happen they love their spouse but love the excitement and challenges with a side chick. I always believed I married my best friend the man that I love and he allowed temptation to get the best of him 😔

Haroun Luqman

Yes they can because our mom and dads have a great life together and real men follow their example. if a real man is not faithful to one women he never loved the women and it is evil to hurt the one you say you love and if you do cheat you only love yourself.

Zoltan Bogdan

Of course, the question should apply to both party’s, it all depends on how much you love the given person. P.S: In my opinion a person who really loves and dedicates themselves to one person all their life, is the real loyal person.

Dave Tom

What a stupid question, it is obvious! Yes without question, it works both ways and am so tired of this gender bias crowding with what a man should be , do, offer , enhance , create . Here is a question, why do male and female view eachother so different? We are all emotional beings with a heart , love , compassion and depth so why place this divide?

Brandi Nicole

Anyone who says no I’m sorry to break it to ya but you weren’t the one. If a man truly loves his woman he will not cheat in anyway. I have a loyal man and he has a loyal woman.

Mhers Andrade Domondon

yes…like my Father…. my uncles.. they are stick to one. I admire guys who love their wife or GF faithfully and honesty.

Ssabari Giri

Yes Of course…
Real man stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for another women because they are too busy looking for new ways to ‘LOVE’ their OWN….😍😘😜

Michelle Pirrotta

Of course, just like women can actually be faithful to just one guy. Problem is that people now a days give up on relationships to quickly, things get rocky and they are done. Relationships/marriages takes work and its not always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Or they are just to damn selfish and dont care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. We tend to blame social media and phones for why their significant other cheats…not saying its not easier to cheat, but its not the fault of social media and phones. People cheated before… Read more »

Natasha J. Sawney

Yes a man can be faithful to 1 woman. The same way a woman can be faithful to 1 man. Both just need to be the right person for each other. If in the relationship 1 is more faithful than the other, the possibility is there that the other will cheat.

Munhjargal Muugii

I think men cheat because they’re dumb or just don’t love their partner enough. I feel like men tend to take their partners for granted. But I believe that there are a lot of good men who can be faithful.

Alecia Shaw

I haven’t found one yet. I love my husband with all my heart and I have always been an honest, faithful, and loyal person..my husband has cheated on me and every relationship before that I had been cheated on.

Pensri Mai

If he’s truly in love with her Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit. His heart will always belong to her and so will his body. Cheater only cheats because they are missing something in the relationship. Or they are unhappy with their life and searching for something to fill that void.

Wayne T. Hughes

Stupid question! Of course, he can. He has capacity and the ability to make choices therefore he can be faithful. The question is: “Will he be faithful?”