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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Nicole Jump

I just have to say cheating on either side is being a complete selfish bitch who doesn’t deserve anyone. Anyone can be faithful if they CHOOSE to.

Devesh Jiwan Banerjee

That’s all depends on a MAN… That is he really a man… Coz gaining a loyalty is a two way road… You give it…you’ll get it… Its that simple… But if she is into you she won’t be disloyal… She’ll be transparent about her self, her past , present… And if you deserve it her future too… She wants only you if you prove yourself right to her…
She’s make your world turn around… So yes… She will remain loyal to you just you watch your steps guys…

Kristine Mathews Vega

Of course! If it’s a challenge then remove yourself from the relationship. I’ve been faithfully married for 14 years. Not difficult, I’m dedicated!

Brittany Hub

Absolutely!!! Why be with someone if you want to cheat. I have been cheated on twice with my long term boyfriends but like they said to me they were comfortable so didn’t want to loose that.. pathetic:) now they are still single and i am with the man of mt dreams ♡♡ stay faithful people or just end it

Angela Dean

Of course. Anyone who’s moral compass points true north, will be faithful to their partner. Male or female, if you love your partner, you don’t fuck around. If you don’t love them, you work out a way to leave, but in the meantime you don’t fuck around. Not you won’t, but simply you don’t. Integrity and respect. Bottom line. Anything less, and you’re no one worth knowing.

Roger Giacin

I suppose but I haven’t met one yet…They’re only faithful until another guy catches their eye..a little better looking,a little more charismatic,a nicer house,a nicer car,a better job,more money,a little sweeter…at the right place and time,a few to many drinks with their girlfriends and they’ll kick your ass to the curb without giving it a second thought…

Muhammad Ajmal

No woman just have temporary emotions these emotioms keep untill her man give her attention as she want if man for some reason cant give attention her emotions gone then she can be the biggest slut.
I found couple of examples in which woman was cheater…!

Olivia Von Siemens

I will be 100% faithful and committed to the man who eventually breaks down my walls and will hold my heart. I was faithful for 5 years without question and he was a cheating coward…it will be a long time for me but once it happens, I will always be faithful.

Nicole Sala

Been with my husband for nearly 10 years, and I’ve never cheated. Why cheat? Go buy sex toys instead, you can’t get pregnant that way and don’t need to worry about condoms.

Jamie Garner

Absolutely! I have been with every man I have been with. Ur a better person to end the relationship and move on then break someone’s dignity by cheating and hiding it.

Meredith Henry

My grandfather was a preacher and a family man. He said “if a man looks at another woman with lust in his eyes, that’s just as bad as cheating!” Growing up, that always stuck out in my mind. I have never and will never cheat on someone I’m with. I don’t even look nor notice other men. I think cheating is the worst thing you can do to someone. It crushes your soul and makes you lose faith in relationships.

Sandra Sarabia Haws

Definitely a yes. I hate cheaters, would never do that to the man I love. As Nicole Jump said, “Anyone can be faithful if they choose to”. I just don’t understand how people cheat? If you are not happy in a relationship just leave, but do it way before you start seeing someone else. Otherwise it’s considered cheating

Cecily Berry

Going on 7 years with one married, we both cheated on each other within the first 1- 1 1/2 years. Worked thru all of that and have been faithful since. It’s a choice. I wouldn’t even sleep with my fav male celeb for millions …. my marriage and our kids are WAY more important and satisfying. No need to look else where!!!

Tracey Moore Northrup

Absolutely! I have been faithful to my husband the entire 18 years of marriage. There has never been anytime that I even contemplated cheating.

Cynthia LuvsNoe

Yes!! Absolutely, without a doubt but its up to him to take care of a good woman he has and reciprocate the same way of thinking and living. If not, let her go to be with someone that values her belief and morals. Its that simple

Sabrina Soares

Why are all these females acting so offended by this question? ALOT of women cheat, ALOT of men cheat. Social media makes cheating way easier which Is why so many people are unfaithful. A woman can be faithful to one man, but it definitely depends on the female some people think they shouldn’t have to settle for one person.

Letty Jordan Kinne

Temptation will always be there no matter where you are you can’t avoid it however it’s up to you to make the ultimate decision on what you want to do. You have to ask yourself is it really worth it to be unfaithful and lose your family and your significant other your husband/ wife? NO, absolutely not, one sexual encounter is definitely not worth losing everything! I love my husband!!!

Tyler Hall

I’m praying that when God brings the girl along that he has planned for me, that she realizes how true I am. I can promise to never cheat and never mistreat, nor disrespect her. I pray she does the same for me!

Olivia Arts

Can’t speak for others, but I know I always will be. I don’t even look at other guys in that way, not when I’ve got a good man at home.
Wouldn’t do that to someone when I could just leave peacefully so I don’t ruin his life!

Jessica Hernandez

She can.
Both male and female in a relationship have to work hard at showing eachother love and respect and not wasting the other persons time.
You both have to want the same thing, a Future, and actually work towards building one, too.
Relationships are never Easy.
If all you’re looking for is fun, say so…

Aman Alı

Yes of course a women can be faithful to one men. It’s not about only women, It’s about both men _&_ women……. Loving one person for all of your life is possible. This can only happen when couples come to realise that life is not a fairytale as there are persons who believe that they should have a problem-free relationship and a perfect partner. I really can’t imagine my life without her and i can lift my head high and say that i have never been unfaithful to her. Long and lasting love is possible but this can only be… Read more »

Erick Martijn

I’ve witnessed women that have good men that love them and would never cheat on them, yet these “ladies” cheated on them for no reason. The excuse 99% of the times happens to be : I was confused

Many women tend to get tempted really quick, chek their whatsapp or facebook messenger and you might be surprised.

Mnttl LiSa

Yes I was for 23&half yrs..he didn’t deserve it but I was…now im in a new relationship and yes im still faithful..if I feel like we have nothing to continue as a couple..ill just leave theirs no option for cheating. …point blank period…☺?

Pamela Williams

Anyone can cheat. Cheating seems to be the norm now a days. It’s takes special individuals who choose to be with the one person who they love. Being faithful should be like breathing air. Comes naturally to some. Only for the faithful!

Amber Kipp

Can either gender stay faithful by default? No. That’s why so many people are complaining that “no one they’ve met is faithful”. Respect and commitment are a choice that goes against instinct but it is wort every moment of hard work that it takes. I think a huge part of the problem is that many people believe there is a “perfect” someone for them so they don’t want to miss out on any opportunity that arises “just in case”. But no one will ever be perfect for anyone, you need to find someone that makes you happy and choose them… Read more »