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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Veronica Hammar

What a crock. What if your man loved the crap out of you, gave you all the attention in the world, but didn’t have a job, stayed home all day marinating in his own farts and played video games all day long, would his love, loyalty, honesty and affection matter so much that you could look past the fact you married a loser and couch potato? Women naturally seek men who are good providers. What woman wants a lazy-ass? And vise-versa for that matter. Men don’t want women who can’t cook or clean either. Even in the caveman days, women… Read more »

Rodriguez Christi

Well, here in the Philippines, many families doesnt have too much of the material things, but i reallized that they are much more happy, joyful, and encouraging. if a man focuses on material things only, he’s probably gonna teach his kids that material things are far more important than family, honesty, loyalty and effort. these characters are built when a person prioritizes on family and the material things are only 2nd on his priority.

Deb Segovia

His time, attention, honesty, loyalty, effort and everything else like that is worth more to me then anything material like. I love text messages, phone calls, a note, a surprise visit at work or at home … That gets my attention and heart.

Mandy Filly Bavuso

I make enough money $1600 a month I got my own house, land, and 2 vehicles. All I need is a man to come home to me. P.s. I won’t give up and move after all the hard work I spend on my land and home I spent $ on.

Petůnie Běhunková

The girl will always remind herself the moments and memories with her man more than all the material staff she has got from him.
Some women here are misunderstanding the man’s responsibility with his love and attention.

William Jeremiah

wow! u guys are great in all ur speeches but missed some lines!is there anyone here that were born with dollars,pounds,Euros,dutchmark.while coming out frm his/her moms womb, I guess No!so why can’t u love ur gf,bf without material stuff,money!just showcase ur natural love,ur God giveth love and u will be shocked to see de amazingness of God.

Elizabeth Murray

I’ll be honest. It takes more. I pay my bills, work hard and have goals. I don’t want a man who thinks I’m a free ticket. I want a partner, an equal. I don’t want anyone to pay my way but likewise….I’m not paying yours.

Gaile Orara

Hoping to have a man who’ll stay w/u all the time,gives hes attention.listen to your silent tears.a man who dont hesitate to show sweetness,love and care for you.a man who have devotion and will loved you truly

Renny Kristanti

Money can’t replace anything yes we need money we can’t denied it but more then that there is something more importance then money which is honesty and loyal if u know how to treat good someone that’s more worth it then money

Julie Duran

Only a real man can give you that! Because I can buy my own shit, always have and always will, don’t need a man to support me, nor would I want one too!

Conrad Soabas

Financial security & physical attractiveness are the only things that matters. Otherwise, guys such as myself would be attractive to women. I’ll just work my tail off until I make enough money to even be “dateable.” Win win for me. When that time comes, I’ll be the one to give out the “Nope” ?

Sumit Mehta

I do wonder sometimes if things like these really work in real world. I won’t say that materialistic things aren’t important fully because a woman also needs to think about her and her future kids’ security but to what extent one goes is what really matters. But I still feel that nowadays the stress is more on materialistic stuff.

May Lynn

That’s all beautiful and childly romantic but a man also provides a home, food, clothing…. A
man works for his family. The ability to survive when you’re elderly so you can buy meds and have access to healthcare…. Men think of preparing for his loved ones. Women, God made us to need security and just because you add financial security to your requirements doesn’t make you a gold digger, less loving or unromantic. (To be clear… I’m not talking rich, yachts, new cars here….)

Sedjnie Ritoe

Too bad this generation is all revolved around money because money buys happiness ,happiness isnt something that comes from within anymore. Therefore relationships or marriage or anything long lasting with another human barely exists

Maria Kristel Beltran

Big words! True dat.. A real woman can handle herself with material stuffs..she juz needs to be handled with real love..

Delphia Riffle

Material things mean nothing in the end. Its the time and memories that my hubby & I treasure. Unfortunately though many people are only worried about the material things.

Patrick Michael Keating

Honestly, it takes two people to keep a relationship alive. Both men and women should have goals, be ambitious and contribute financially to the relationship but at the same time both need to treat each other like human beings and show honesty, loyalty and affection. It’s not real love, but actually abuse, if one expects the other to provide all of the work, effort and materials for the relationship.

Chrissy Obas

Women know how to handle the others all they want is to be handled with everlasting love, attention, honesty, hapiness, feeling special every single day… All that money can’t buy! If men can’t offer the above to the women they love… It would be better for them to never date until they learn how to take care women, vice versa.

Sean Crist

Said no woman, in honesty. They say this out of one face, then, out of the other face, criticize your perfectly good, but not the latest fashion, wardrobe. Or, the beater you drive, so that she has a nice car; and then complain about that car. And on…In my experience. I says play poor, don’t show what you have, or are willing to give her. Most won’t look at you twice. If, and it’s a huge IF, you find a woman that is still want to make a life with you, she MIGHT be a keeper.

Elizabeth Bryant

You need all of the above, point, blank, period. It’s not one vs. the other. Time, attention, honesty, etc. does not pay the bills. Those qualities should be a given anyway. No, you don’t have to be rich but you should be able to support yourself. A woman will never feel safe with a man with whom she cannot depend on financially and will eventually lose respect for him and that’s the truth so stop saying money doesn’t matter. It most certainly does.

Tina Radloff

This is me , I’m not materialistic women…all I care from someone I can be with is loyalty, honesty, time, effort, attention and communication…those gifts mean more than anything money could buy…

Val Lera

That is crap! all that matters too, but if he is unwilling to share the fruits of his labor with you, that’s a whole other issue. You are supposed to take care of each other