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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Cheryl Vinci Scalpati

When things change in a relationship & 1 Person just stops being as attentive & stops doing sweet little things like brings flowers or candy or stops caring & no long has that tiny bit of jealousy/worry… the other Person in the relationship notices & it can seem that the LOVE is gone… well, more like They love You but are no longer IN LOVE with You and THAT’S what Hurts & can turn almost anyone into a bitter, mean & nasty Person

Thomas Mattison

It goes both ways. Women hurt a man’s feelings, as much as men hurt women’s feelings. Miscommunication.

Helga Freeze

very true

Romie Mina

Cheating is the reason why true love exist on this world

Sa La Mu Tu

???? it’s okay! I take my heart that you broke into pieces back and rebuild it!! ??

Sumit Mehta

Breaking anything is easier but fixing it takes up all the pain………..

Christian Simeon

True on the hurt in. but grow up already. YEARS TO HEAL!! THAT IS STUPID!

Beau Jeffrey Stinson

Bullshit… Someone hurts me or attacks my family or friends, I’m wiping them off the fucking map.

Ann Knudson

I love my man – but I can not control him to believe me – only god know ??

Sherri Ollom

If ever

Denillegrace Arenga

Truth thats whst happen to me

Joyce Goldner Jakob Epstein

Oh Yvette this came at a perfect time for me. It is so true

Megan Powers

One bad decision and one misjudged reaction and it’s all over … Poof!

Clodel Gorin

The only people that can really hurt us are those that we love that never value our feelings and doesn’t reciprocate it even just in a form of respecting that we have feelings too that they can hurt if they will just mislead us

Sarah Villaruel

But sometimes we could hurt other people without knowing, or without intending to do so.

Anne Carpenter

OK, so how do you tell your partner (that it’s just not working out) without hurting them?? Staying longer with them because you don’t want to hurt them would be even worse, right?? So what do you do????

Mike Neumann

Then don’t fall in love too fast. They are always on their best behavior in the beginning because they want you to see the best version of them. If you don’t want to get hurt then don’t fall for it in the first couple of months and think that is the real version of them. If you do, you will just get sucked in and end up wasting years with this person that you shouldn’t have been with in the first place.

Vy Trương

I know it. It hurts so much like you wished you would die rather than suffering day by day without them. This is life, sometimes it doesnt give you what you want. People come and leave, they give us lessons and memories.

Beth Martinez

The one you love doesn’t feel the effects of this if they don’t love you the same way you love them, and if they don’t then they should be mature enough I let you know how they feel, and walk away. They are blocking a real man/woman from seeing just how wonderful you are.

Stephanie Spradling

This is so true…when someone you love hurts you the pain is unbearable…Be true and faithful and never try to hurt the one you love… Love shouldn’t hurt…

Gerbel Tiglao

It happens for a reason.., never foucus to the person who has been hurt.., also look on the side of the other why he or she did that..,

Elba Roman

When you really love someone who really appreciate your love there’s no way that you are going to hurt them.

Jennifer Amburgey

The not saying hurtful comments back is a hard one but I’m usually pretty good at that, too.