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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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John Owens

I should not have to fight for someone who truly wants me.

Jason Fluharty

Or they are just tired of not being wanted. There’s a difference.

Glenda Darnell

According to the situation. If they want to go..you cant fight that..because in the end its still their choice..

Paul Derksen

You can only fight so long and then you must stay positive and move on…. The hardest thing to do!!!!

Anoukane Laos

Yes ….fight for her heart and soul is not easy….too much competition..

Tyrelle Dawkins

Aka….*If your not kissin ass, then it just wont last*??

Simone Dawkins
Simone Dawkins


Emmanuel Minkah

And must u fight for them?to ma opinion is a big “NO”.

Jhenn Deville

Done fighting. If they want me in their life, i don’t need to fight for it… To chase for it.

Jenilda Alcomendras Lapastora

If they won’t they just lie for you… Connivence to be convenient ??? Loka

Nakia Nichole

No I’m not fighting for anyone. It’s it was supposed to be, it would have been. Move on

Raquel Leija

If they already yours then there’s no need to fight for them

Melinda Parker

This is so true cause when it gets tough they run …instead of working thru it…

Jenny Ampong Olandria

Theres a unique story to each of my encounter to them…they are doing so good…respected me…giving love each other…but when the time challenge to shake us…we both give our best to work it out…but as I said if not meant for you…no mattr how you exert effort it is all turn to nothing but both shedding a good bye tears…I learned it so well…by rejecting God no relation will triumph but all temporary hapiness….

Tina Radloff

I don’t need to fight for someone who is not worth it…if they don’t respect you and care for you, why wasting your time…go on and moved on your life….

Doug Alexander

There’s no one to fight for. I’d just lose the fight anyways like always. I won’t compete with anyone and as far as I’m concerned everyone is way out of my league anyway.

Thomas Lee

If she wants you to fight for her once just for the sake of it, she’ll make you continue fighting for many many years just for the sake of it. Unless she’s really rich, the guy’s efforts are best placed elsewhere.

Lori Mason Maisano

I have to beg to differ on this….they will also fight for you so they can try to be superior…and make you feel inferior. Because they fight for you don’t mean their motive is pure….it can be evil as well.

Mike Parry

Fighting for someone in a relationship does not equate into a freely entered into union. If the person doesn’t want to be with you, let them go and move on. ??

Deirdre Segraves

I guess I took this differently, I imagined dukes up, side by side, take on the world type fight. Or stand up for you, with you type fight.

Rashad Sims

this is the way I honestly see it I’m.not fighting over a chick fuck outta here with that shit if you want me show it im past that hs bs i.refused to fight for a relationship if the other one ain’t sometimes she has to show it yoo

Iffie Lauryn

Fighting doesn’t mean violence, this kind of fight means, supporting you, defending you, been loyal, respecting you, been faithful and committed to you

Dave Joorge

You can’t force someone to love you back. Better be with someone who really wants you no matter what.