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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Emily Richards

Why give??? Just being there with her is all she needs, well some girls. Id rather have u around the house holding me or in the mountains fishing, hunting or hiking with me or working on a project together would make me happy… some girls, like me, dont want things.

Riyad Raihan

Before marriage it will work,but after marriage never ?

Nancy Dojinog Yray

You don’t have to be rich, to be my _____. You don’t have to be _____, to rule my world. …..jajaja kiss.

Jenny Ampong Olandria

Need nothing not even a rose…frankly speaking I felt corny of all those stuff….Faithfulness and respect is only what I needed….if the feelings is fade away…say directly it to
not in zigzag or in betrayal .

Nirmalya Sengupta

It’s Beautiful & True & only possible in True Love and Lover..hardly found this days where money is the sources of love..generally this days Man of Wealth are highly demanded and acceptable rather than man of values..

Chua Thao

Don’t have to be roses… a delicious cooked lunch or dinner is super fine by me… I love food! I love to cook also and someone who can cook..!

Sparkle Parsell

Not even a rose! Pick me a wildflower from the side of the road. Doodle one on a piece of paper. Just something to let me know you’re thinking of me?

Christina Gomez

So true! I’ve never been about material stuff….it means nothing and won’t give total happiness. It’s a look, a touch, a gesture, a kiss, a cuddle….those mean the world!

Youandra Santana

Very true! It’s always the thought that counts.
but this should be reworded to say,
“You don’t need to be super-rich. Even a simple rose can make the right girl happy”

Naomi Flores

Flowers are beautiful, especially ?. But just the simple act of watching the kids while I catch an extra hour or 2 of sleep or cooking dinner all week can go a long way, too. Showing your wife/girl/life partner appreciation–and respect–is so much better than anything money can buy.

Katie Rallos Castillo

I remember telling my bf this before. making him feel that he really didn’t have to spend so much to impress me. If only he knew how happy I am everytime my big brother even my youngest brother surprises me with flowers. At some point I wanted him to do that….but then again, expecting is a crime.

Helen Jay

I wish my one knows about this ! I don’t care about money as in being rich to grab me, as long as his heart is rich,( i.e: kind, understanding…….in fact he has got them! ) that is all I need. Oh yes, I forgot to say this , when he is truly filled with wealth inside his heart, he will be very irresistible to her.

Heather Gouws

Its matters of the heart and not what comes out the pocket, wallet ot bank. Its the little things that count. Things money cant buy. If your standing beside her, loving her and appreciating her isnt enough then know she isnt worth it. (A simple little note you leave for her to find or a text saying you love her when you are not together during the day won’t hurt either) Remember You can’t buy love.

Matthew Bryant

Haha, just left my lady of 7 year’s, I left because when I’ve bought her roses for no reason, she would say thank you with a look of dissapointment and tell me she prefers wildflowers. I remodeled her house that’s in her name that I lived in with her for 7 years only to be told to “get out of MY house” when we argued where I paid bills and bought food for her and her daughter that I helped raise for literally half her life being that she is 13 and we were together for a little over 7… Read more »

Lisa Sylvia

I heard something on the radio this morning that goes along with this. Women want effort. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive just try

Lenora Alexander Rowell

The simplest of things can mean the most… I love those simple things, a hug, a kiss, a slight touch, a phone call, and even a loving look can mean so much to me.. I can hardly wait to see you again or even to hear your voice!! Love you so much!!

Priscilla Jerry Santa Maria

Its the lil things that matter. U cud be a love note in her lunch bag, a flower he drew up , true love is using ur imagination im sure she ll love it. And it wrks both ways , show ur man as well he ll love it . Its the lil things that matter most.

Olamilekan Olabode

Rose flower can’t win a Nigerian girls heart there has to be some monetary back up