Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Relationship Rules

9 Signs you are with a real man – http://rrul.es/1TJkryv

Neetu Mani

cauze getting her is not a big deal….bt making her feel special for the entire life…. is a big deal.
so real men keep trying always.

John Garcia

Well as the story goes i treated my woman like a queen every day good morning and good night text all the time flowers and candy and cared just because id clean and do laundry when she didn’t feel like it breakfast in bed on sundays id cook dinner 3 to 4 times a week. Any thing she wanted or needed
But then the answering of calls and replies to texts quit. Then it was when she had time. But if i didn’t answer or reply i was an asshole.

Hussain Ibn E Inayat

disagreed … Sometime its really need full to show her how much I love her … How much I care about relationship between us … Rather than… If we without showing feelings and trying to handle all harder issues in own life .. Than relation will break …

Helen Jay

Exactly right ! My guy knows everything about showing me his affection. Oh yes single ladies out there, I want to say to you all that you will and you are going to find your true love, as true love does exist, as long as you are willing to be yourself and improve for the better… let love find you.

Rusco Kimpa Frost

Not true. A real man doesn’t value women untill they are older and been with a lot. Once he decides to take care of a women then it’s on his terms no bullshit and no supplicating nad heäs always higher value.

Cal Mun

Yea i did all that even after i got her or i had her, but sometimes things aren’t meant to be with that person even you love that person so much… Love gotta go both ways though 🙁

Kaaveh Havok

The post itself is opposing to females. “Even after he’s got her” What do you mean by that? Like after he owned her?!?!
Not that I’m a feminist or shit but that’s utterly appalling…

Lisa Francis

Disagree…doesnt happen alwaya coz situations change.. women need to unfrstand and it shud b fr both… men also deserve the same

Christopher Wohler

Tara Dawn Simpson I will never stop showing you how much you mean to me. Or trying to find news ways show you. Honey you are worth all my time and effort. I truly love you.

Chad Hayes

If you want to keep him, don’t lie, mistreat, or talk trash about him behind his back. Your friends are jealous and won’t always give you good advice, they will do their best to sabotage your happiness despite how good of friends you think they are. That’s the way of the world these days and women are evil that way.

Ruben Martinez Jr

well, after a while, even a true gentleman, will stop pursuing and showing how much a girl means to him. especially, when she shows how little you mean to her. even all the words, the respect, the honor, the gestures, the emotions, and the actions, sometimes go by the way side for the asshole that doesn’t do a damn thing but treat her badly…

Aiden Adams

I am sorry but I think this is bullshit. Sometimes a person can show someone how much they care and the other person is still an asshole.

Tiffiany Chére

They also do not put their parents happiness above her. #growupplease

Alex Krstanovic

If you want to keep her, make sure she knows exactly how you feel, not just through words, through actions too or someone else probably will! Same goes for women & their partners, goes both ways, we want to be told & shown too

Nirmalya Sengupta

I feel It’s not about Real Men or Real Women issues..it’s about True Real Love that shine..when u love someone truly through Pure Feelings..Cares & Respect..You’ll do this naturally always whether you’re a Men or Women..It’s about a Qualities of a Person / Character / Nature not defined by any gender like men or women..

Jennifer Miller

This goes both ways. Both men and women should never stop showing the person they are with how much they mean to them. Once you get them you don’t stop dating them.

Nicholas Vasseur

Keeping her happy and boastfully professing your unconditional love while constantly showing her how much she is valued is the easy part. Now finding a girl worthy of your love and affection…that is the real challenge.

Abbey Kelly

I don’t think I like this “real man” or “real women”. We are all real human beings. I do believe in keeping it spicy, both parties involved. Anything gets stale if you don’t update, or work on keeping it fresh.

Marie Ravix

As woman we need words we need to hear you tell us how we mean to you. A man who loves a woman need to bring the right approach with the right conversation to open the dialogue. When there is no dialogue the love dries and hearts are apart…

LoveHunch - Where Personality Matters

When his love for you and deep, he will not want to see you sad. He will love seeing you happy. Not all men that treasure their woman will show it in the same way. Some may cook when you have had a long day. Some may run you a bath. Some may buy you a gift. But a man that really loves you should carry and will show how much you mean to him. And when he does, show your appreciation. 🙂

Dayne Ramsundar

in a relationship both people have to be willing to go 100% if im going 100% and the girl is only going 99% there will be problems and honesty is a major part of a relationship it showz comittment and intregrity t