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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Leticia Perez Morel

Finally Im not angry or in pain when I read this kind of notes. I want him to be ok, I want him to be loved, I want her to be nice with him…I dont want him to suffer…even if Im crying…I want him to be loved. It was me the person in loved…its not his fault that he couldnt love me the same. I want her to text him back!

Lovey Dovey

What if you texted back,but didn’t get your message and argue about it,then after a week or a month your message finally went through…

Alex Steven Rabehl

Nope I can’t do that the trust just ain’t their for me anymore I let someone in and I get crushed no matter how well I treat them so nope I’m giving up on love and relationships just gonna focus on me thank you!!!


I just craying read it, him never do anything for me and everything stop but I love you so much ??? maybe him don’t love me again ???

Carla Brown

This is My Fantastic Husband. Well except for the texting he doesn’t text lol. I Love Him more than anything. Thank You for All You do John.

Daniel Pulsford

Definitely true indeed actually because that’s what they do in life to be honest and also keep on texting each other as well and care about each other

Kathy Rossignol

He felt comfortable with us just being together. Didn’t need to stay awake if he or I was tired. When he woke I always got a smile.

Joseph Johnson Momoh

I did all this and did you know what i came to understand! It simple we don’t date and get married for perfection we date and married for potentials.

Jen Gable

Right…then again…let us give the benefit of the doubt…he may have been blocked or threatened ..he knows where I am…he can make the effort this go around….my cell phone has also been hacked…so who the hell knows ..what is going on here….

Sarah Elle

Maybe they’re Just tired and your expectations are to high…

Philip White

They don’t need to text just love me and make me feel wanted

Jean Suzuki

Dawgie can’t text, so he tells me all the time & most generous w/hugs & kisses…I know I’m very lucky to have him in my life again. Amen for 2nd chances!

Nicola Weber

Dudes like that don’t exist. Mine is the opposite. He always ignores me when I text and I’m always going to bed feeling alone. He sleeps in his room and I sleep in the living room with our 2 kids.

Kim Hunse Murr

Found him, but this guy lives in FL and doesn’t want to move back to TX! ? I am divorced with 2 kids so I can’t move away from their dad.

Emily Richards

I had a guy that texted me back, an text before me. We dated, did everything together, everything looked good for a year. Then i told him i loved him.. i dont want another askole. No more, im done with men

Adam Paul Geiger

Lots of girls have not lived up to this n being the guy to always do this, has been a waste of time.. No o e gives a shit about love or it just takes time.. Love happens either by one let do or the other.. Someone has to accept it. No one accepts love, then there’s no love

Stephanie Lowdenfouts

Me to… I wish that everyone finds that safe and perfect one, that each one of us r sopose to be happy with. Perfect fit, perfect alignment in spirit, in heart, in one mind.

Clyde West

If you need a text message sent to you to prove you’re wanted by that person, maybe the question you should ask yourself is, am I with the right person… People should show it on a daily basis with their actions.

Earl Higgins

Nope sure didn’t, I fell in love with someone who talked to me on the phone, all night long, and we both fell asleep listening to each other breath! Texting is just wrong!

Nathan Dowlen

She isn’t the texting type. However, we call each other for countless hours every night. When we do text, its brief and I leave her words of encouragement along with the many reasons I love her. She’s not alone and never will be. We may not text a lot but the other things we have like our phone calls just make our relationship special. I love my girlfriend so much and I continue falling more in love every day.

Owen G. Crutcher

Texting used to be an issue for my boyfriend and I. Like taking too long to reply, or falling asleep while texting. We argued about it almost on a regular basis. But we finally realized how trivial it was and put a stop to it.

Queen Latifer

thanks for ur advice mr’ but i don’t do or need those ways to help my self or to help anything to locate me back i am a natural person an i beliv in natural things an in natural power or god. so anything that is not there for me wasn’t for me.an anything that was for me will surely be for me. no matter what.

Kevin Overly

That seems to be non existent in my life. I can’t even get my foot in the door when it comes to dating someone. Everyone I’ve approached has ran in the opposite direction. I’m 47 and not getting any younger. 🙁

Larry Anthony Villarreal

I know that feeling why do good guy’s like me finish last