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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Andrew Lopez

Been cheated on, been stepped on been everything. And I still look to give love to other people and so nice to everyone. Been through hell and back and I always act like nothing is wrong. So big ups to everyone who has gone through similar situations and still going strong and finding the courage to try to love again

Bholanath Odiya

M afraid in thinking does dat kind deep love exist or not?

Veronica Maple Dryden

My daughter gave me this same quote today!

Kunal Gaurav

Yes,I am always good to others no matter how much I have been broken from my heart.. ?

Sarah Wig

Kyleigh Rae Neese you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself

May May

Marriage without love or divorce and be with the one you love since before marriage?

Martina Tina Petríková

No, usually another dickhead comes and breaks you again…

Cynthia McDonald

I have a love deeper than the ocean inside of me. My lungs are full of water and I’m drowning.

Alysha Brooks

Personally I feel it’s better to find out something’s about a partner before really going too deep. I have been trough this lane myself, So to all those in a relationship/planning to get into one needs to check up on their mate/boyfriend , contact Michael Singh. He is the best spyware developer of there. His services are(text message retrieval as far back as 6-7months, Even deleted text messages, call records, emails and other social networks).
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Karen Morrison

Sometimes doesn’t matter who loves deeper or more or waits and trys if the other one is broken nothing changes and the one giving just gets deeper and hurts just as much

Carol Conrad

me too , but need time to heal for awhile .the other person jumped from me , right into another relationship , with not healing at all , cause been cheating for month on me , while i was True n still AM .

Theresa Bahm

And when may I ask will this happen, not being greedy lol just tired of this crap. But I always try so there’s that. And most importantly God loves me

Emilie McKnight

I hope all of you reading this experience a love that deep. ❤

Lita Rivers

I’ve been brutally broken but I still have alot of love inside of me to volunteer my time to feed the less fortunate. If you think you are broken hearted just look into the kids eyes who are just so happy to have food to eat. That should make you feel better.

Emily Newton Traphagen

Yes and he came into my life 3 months ago. Never knew what love felt like till I met him thinking about him and how much I love him how happy he makes me,makes me cry happy tears after a handful of jerks I’m happy I finally met my sweetie he’s the best thing to ever happen to me

Pearl Mari

You feel so broken if you keep on planting and watering the bad in your mind…but if you accept that things happened because of circumstances beyond our control, it is easy to let go and be the same person you are before.dissappoinments and frustrations in life are not the reasons you stop loving..go on, give love coz love heals all wounds.

Pooneh Tanaeim

Truth is we all have been hurt. It takes a lot courage to open your heart to another❤️. Love with all your heart, and don’t allow the past determine your happily ever after ! ???…. You deserve the deepest truest love.

Pooja Gaur

Means you love yourself then you deserve better love