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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Bea Palanca


Yogesh Sharma

allways will regret that I have wasted on worst pe0ple more than one decade.

Elly Rose Lozano Baldesco

I can say I am on the right track now, by moving on with someone who has a bad intentions. Get riding of waste……..

Manda K Nemeth

Or you’ve just been hurt so many times there’s no reason to look back… you know how the story goes

Rei Danielle Lee

YES! Exactly resonate with my decision today! Haha! Have a nice weekend everyone

Michael Faubion

But aren’t you a historian? How can the past be irrelevant to you?

Dhang Ocariz

You know on the right track when you become uninterested looking back.

Noor Malik

I am on a right track finally ?
I don’t explain myself now I don’t look back I don’t care what they say now

Letha Gail Freitag

I am doing my best to look forward and trust in God’s plan

Christian Simeon

You guys have some of the worst quotes EVER!! LIFE IS NOT A FUCKING VIDEO GAME.

John Sean Achas

Well it depends in your situations…I remember one of my best quotes I ever made it sounds the same ,from -j.s.a. black’s posts..”ONE THING I LEARNED TO HAVE A PEACEFUL MIND, NEVER LOOK BACK ALL THE BAD THINGS HAPPENED TO YOUR LIFE”.

Terry Lee

You can never stop looking back,or your not living,looking back is the means to going forward,and you should never forget where you have been!!!!!!

Krisheeli Ogaitnas


Step 1- kiss your hand

step 2- say your crushes name

step 3- close your hand

step 4-say a weekday, for

example monday

step 5- say your name

step 6- open your hand

step 7- repost this to 15 other pictures

result- your crush will say they like you on the day you choosed

Thy Da

Yep I’m not sure I am in the right track or what, because I just step in haven some more has to be continues. But at least I knew it I don’t want to looking back.

Jimmy G Perez

Definitely. I told my story not too long ago. I was engaged but in March, my ex broke off the engagement, i was an ugly one. Before that, she told me that if we were to break up, it would take her many months to start to see someone else. Well, she began to see someone about 3 weeks after our breakup. I called her out on it, her sister and her called me crazy and even called my family to tell that I am crazy. I promised myself and her sister that I would not interfere and let her… Read more »

Sopavanh Rassapong

Hard to do so coz i’m trapped with nice time we had despite it’s almost impossible to develop our relationship. Probably, i will get better by the time and the new love.

Dhanushka Lakmal

How if the previous track was a sweet memorable one ?