Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jorge Ferguson

why is it, that whenever there is a meme or a quote that suggest good men need to be teated right, there is an army of women chanting “and the same for ladies too” ???

seriously is it that hard to just listen and take notes???

Suleman Kamwani

The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:
“The best of you is he who is the best of his wife”
“No believer should be angry toward his wife. If some of her qualities are displeasing, there will be many other qualities worth appreciation”

Victoryighelogbo Antoni

Right on point, cause the man value his life and knows that there is a better future ahead him he will break free to have peace mind and a trouble free spirit

JRod Ording

Amen to that. Been there and never want to return. It’s crazy how someone can be so evil and destructive to a human being.

Jessica Weitzel

And when the tables are turned???? The good woman usually try to love the man through it all…. until it becomes too much and it has broken her spirit…

Robert Unclerobb Ali Jenkinsjr

If you have to say it goes both ways and not just agree I bet you disrespected your partner and hate to feel guilty.lololol #stopit

Mervyn Sinaga

A real man has no desire to be a good man. He just is. He just does. And he just deals with the consequences. The whole idea of a good man is probably the construct of the matriarchy.

Ramona Saiz

This goes both ways.
A woman can easily break off the relationship as well if there is no respect for her also.

Tim Harrison

Not always soon enough. LOL! Better late than never, though.

Jen Cleveland

Too bad more women don’t think like this. Respect, it’s absolutely critical in any relationship.

Tammy Cox

This isn’t true with all men because many men stay in this very type of situation because it’s routine and familiar to them. They are too scared of change, too scared to start over, and too scared of what their family and friends will think, so they will continue to allow a woman to constantly disrespect him and give up the notion that another woman would always love and respect him.

James Smith

Amazing how so many shallow minded people, of both sexes, seem to think that any saying, quote, or meme ONLY applies one way… ANY of these quotes, memes, sayings, can go both ways…man or woman

Aaron Billy

I cant do this anymore, seriously. I tried to communicate, she didnt want to. I want to patch things up and talk things through, she kept quiet. Then she goes n shuts herself down and wont even let me in. Honestly, i respect her, I really do. But then again I guess she is just too emotionally consumed by her feelings and couldnt see me clearly anymore. I hate to do it but im tired of being a punching bag and everything is always my fault, i have to apologise, i have to persuade her back. Its like my heart… Read more »

Evelyn Maralit

No loving sane sensitive woman will do that to the man she loves. She will see you it that we both live positively, support and align thier lives to a better telationsjip. Respect and acceptance should be present. Love deeply .sustain the love.

Shaheryar Shaikh

It hurts to be dumped for no reason or wrong reason but it extremely hurts to love a person who does not love you but pretends just to make you happy…

Ambra Davidson

There should be mutual respect and appreciation in a relationship. Neither party should just expect to be respected if they don’t treat their partner with love and consideration.

Dan Almeida

I went through this crap with my ex wife from 22 years ago and also with a woman I got back with after an 11 year separation. I only insult enemies, not wives and lovers. Rudeness is reserved for those folks I dont like, not women I choose to marry and sleep with. I have never been able to understand this garbage.

Lorraine Francis

It goes for both genders… Partners seek respect in a relationship before love.. Disrespectful behaviour from either side can ruin the true essence of the relationship..

Ansa Butt

Same with the women she will leave if she feels disrespected!!

Heather Allan

Let me just throw this out there, what if either person whether it be the man or the woman falls ill with a mental illness and becomes unbearable for a portion of time whether it be a short time or a long time? Does that mean that you cut and run or does it mean that you stay by them and help them through it because there is a solid diagnosis there and you promised to be by their side through sickness and through health? Because some mental illnesses make people unbearable and come across as disrespectful when all they… Read more »

Lili Gibson

It doesn’t matter it is good man or a good woman. As human beings we all need to be treated with respect period. So it is a stupid topic that cause people to fight back and forth.

Plater Essence

That’s a huge reason why I left my ex alone, finally. The disrespect got out of control. She even disrespected people in my life who never did anything to her or gave her any reason to dislike them. Once you two get into disrespecting each other, or one the other, it is time to go. And don’t listen to that bullcrap about you leaving them or deserting them. They just use that to gilt trip you into staying. You deserve someone who will respect themselves and respect you.

Nirmalya Sengupta

It’s not about men and women…respect is important for any healthy relationship..respect..values..cares all work together as a foundations…both men and women deserve it very much from each others..