Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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David Kumar

well… if a guy really does that but still couldn’t get the girl.. then he’s treating himself as her pet dog… like seriously… we guys should get away from this “constant effort..never leaving..will do anything” shit… if that girl really loves that guy..she has to do the same…

Ryan Flynn

What if a girl wants you to say you intend to be her boyfriend but you aren’t sure about it yet so you say friend and she gets mad. Lol. FML.

Karen Dyer

Be aware of an identifiable class of guys who parrot and mimic these types of intentions. They are known as “future fakers”. They set it up as if they have the best intentions but their actions and inaction don’t match their words most of the time.

Nicole Majewski

This is going to help me make one of the hardest decisions of my life…to move out from the “boyfriend” who always kept me guessing as to whether we were even more than friends, made no effort to pursue me when I did several things to get him and after 3 months still isn’t “sure” he wants to have someone moved in with him.

Ruby Ruiz

This is true. A real man doesn’t beat around the bush and should tell you upfront what he wants from you and not play games and waste your time

Amira Ti

People change and so too feelings. At first, very consistent but eventually it vanishes. It’s fine, after all soulmates end up together. Maybe that short time is not your destiny. Not the woman’s loss.

Connie Coats

When they are putting all their communication on other women more than you, the one they claim to love…Does that not leave you guessing the role he really wants to play in your life?

Karen Dyer

Oh they may mimic your emotions until you are convinced. Or you could be willing to settle for a crumb here and there because this person has managed down your expectations to the extent you don’t expect their words and actions to match .

Bruce Robbins

The man being consistent with regard to his feelings/intentions, with the woman–comes AFTER they are in an exclusive, committed relationship. A man who constantly chases after the woman is headed straight for eventual rejection. I speak from personal experience. And I have permanently repented of that mistake–by the grace and mercy of God.

Raphail Soffer

Good men must not be fools running after a women that do not want them in their lives.
A good man will respect himself and leave with whatever left of his dignity.

Cyndy White

The most honest communication is action. Certainly intentions should be expressed verbally but in truth talk is just background music. Actions – execution of a plan is where the truth is.

Omar Al Ahmed

You are absolutely right Fadia.
Some boys are out there for the fun of it, don’t care about girl emotions, and it should not be a guessing game, ladies need to know and must know where they stand, before they get seriously involve with any guy. Heartbreak and headache not worth it for someone want to play game.

Angelina Guerra

Consistency is a must. When it lacks sometimes we feel out of place , yes life happens, and but if happening alot, just remind her how much you care and love her,keep the same efforts you did when you were trying to make her yours….

Jonathan Sledge

Love is a two way street this whole chase me I need attention is juvenile. People have better things to do. If he isn’t cheating on you and is working to put food on the table. Be thankful. Or take the unemployed looser who will stare in your face all day.

William Keys

I’ve done that an still get screwed over … But I still stay positive to the day I find the right women that is worth my time an attention !💯

Erica Rodriguez

Absolutely… Direct open and honest communication is key… No gray areas

Travis Keen

I did that but she didn’t want it.. She wanted someone else… After a person shows there true colors don’t try to repaint them… Let them gooooooo….

Jessica Mangrum

This is true in many cases, but we also have plenty of people not going after the people they really want/love/have interest in because of their own insecurities, issues, assumptions, etc.

Patrick Kernohan

“Men, a woman that is truly interested in you will never leave you guessing about the role she intends to play in your life. Good women pursue the woman that they want with upfront communication, genuine intentions and consistent effort.”

-Equality works both ways.

George Mc Culley Jr.

And if they don’t or if they stop, it’s because you have done something to deter them from their efforts. We don’t all of a sudden change our minds. If he pulls away, you gave him reason to and have done nothing to correct the problem and you get what you give.

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