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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brian Kinnison

A real man will do what he says and deliver on his promises! Even after his hearts been broken more often than not! And deserve the same in return. Not endless broken promises and only time to see his lady when she can. Remember you can give all but must be the same in return or its not real! Not all men are players women just seem to like that type of guy until late they get played!

Kristen Mead

Glad someone else sees the importance in this!! Never let them feel unwanted if you truly love them. If you don’t, then let them go, even if it’s one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done. Love is selfless, selfishness cannot be involved.

Fidel Casas

Yeah, well woman never realize how important those Lil details r for us man..just like woman need those n many more details..we need them to…it’s both ways..don’t judge..I’m the stupid one that’s always txtn. Then b waiting for a text bk..n don’t get that txt bk till next morning…but then wen they txt me..I’m the pendejo always replying bk wit a quickness..I’m the one that b looking at the phone every 15-20 mins,just hoping to c her txt n nothin…lol..I’m to that point wer I’m starting not to gaf if she txt bk or not…fuk um..momma didn’t raise no fool

Lesley Broster

I’ll never trust this to happen ever again ? enough is enough.. I’m tired of it all now…. No one will ever hug me tight enough to put these broken pieces back together, i’m done.

Karrison Krasowski

I doubt I would find a woman who has respect and discipline with communication on earth! I’ll go back to the sky… Earth people suck!

Irrfan Khan

It happens when someone is in desire of Love. Who believe Love is the only appetite in life. Not applicable for those who believe love is not everything.

Leanne Joy

I think its a lot more simple….find someone who feels 4 u the way u feel for them…..its then you can iron out the tricky stuff. Its about feelings, pure & simple

Shane Vanden Heuvel

What ever happened to having an actual verbal conversation? Why is texting such a big deal? As if it were a life or death situation.

Karisa Moodley

We all hope that. Most people act perfect in the beginning to trap you. Once they have you, goodbye to all the good habits they once did

Robert Scholl

I pray my kids finds that special person who will love them for ever and never let them fall asleep thinking their unwanted, That pain a horrible!

Greg Emerson

I’ve fallen asleep and not texted back before. It doesn’t mean you’re unwanted. Don’t be over-sensitive and read things that aren’t there into everything. Just be a laid back person and allow your significant other to be as well. You’ll get along better.

Natalia Nelly Glykioti

It is really painful to realize that you sleep with a person that makes you feel unwanted . I m living that now …….. The most difficult is to step out of this bed and open the door ……

Vanessa Sargeant

Men never realise how important those little things are. Hence why I am single and probably staying that way unless theres a miracle and I meet a man that actually means what he says one day!!

Dustin Michael Raimond

I did… And I lost her.. I lost my world and the only girl who treated me right. I’m convinced she was the one, but that’s gone. So now #FoeverAlone

Heyen Bae

Sometimes its okay they fall asleep. Sometimes we need rest/sleep from a day of hardwork. Doesnt mean u r unwanted, ur trust shouldnt fall apart by just falling asleep hahahahah

Freida M Woodard

I hope you fall in love with a man that pays more attention to you than he does to social media. If your man goes to Facebook before even acknowledging you, run away fast!! A man should pay attention to what’s in front of him, instead of being on Facebook liking others females pics and cheating in his inbox…ijs!!

Jesse Rodriguez

Texting is fine a little hello, I miss you, see you later tonight or so. But people now on days wanna have a complete conversation. There’s nothing romantic about that! There’s no true connection.
What ever happened with a meaningful conversation one on one. Holding hand’s just being there for one another. I’m not that old but I wish for that time on age

Russell Ledet

If I don’t text you back right away, it usually means that I have so much to say that I have to wait until I have enough time to say it all, also sometimes trying to use your words carefully can take some time.

RoMicz Bance

Hello? what do you think of your partner? A robot? if one is hurt don’t expect them to be always sweet as they are especially when you are the one who cause their pain because they also have feelings too. Know where you stand. This statement is so selfish. Bullshit.

George Mc Culley Jr.

It’s kinda shallow isn’t it? To base your feeling of wantedness on getting a text? How about if they tell you that they love you often and take you out and by you flowers? No? I didn’t get a text. They don’t want me. Boo hoo.

Aizaz Ali Khan

I hope you fall in love with someone who never needs to tell you how much they love you, because you can see it in their eyes every time they look at you ?