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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Steve Maraboli

Thank you for sharing my words!! 🙂

Roselyn Bisa Belen

I don’t intend to change anyone. But to love them sincerely so as for them to learn to love the same way…. Thus, love changed them.

Nakia Sykes

Right…. I love how I want to be loved…unconditionally & passionately… I’ll take you as you are and help you become a better you visa versa

Stacers Riddle

You can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. Believe me, I learned that the hard way!

Pheng Thao

this is what im going to tell someone, next time i try to change them lol

Plater Essence

Sometimes, people haven’t found themselves yet. So this can be a hard task.

Crystina Ayala

Some think ur trying to change them when in reality ur just trying to make them be a better person that u know they are

Heather Patterson Linkow

And if it causes you to lead seperate lives then it is ok. At least the person you love is happy

Blanca Carro

I Totally Agree……The only one that can truly change us is God.

Breannon James

Ya and then they leave to be the greatest version with someone else ? I know that all too well

Elba Roman

We must never try and change anyone, if we don’t like for them to try and change us. We are unique in each and every way, and so is everyone else.

Jason Gutierrez

That was my fiancé and I to the letter. I’d give anything to be in her arms one more time. My fiancé passing away is the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through ???

Melinda Lawson Scrivner

That’s the way it should always be. Trying to change someone is wrong. Accept them as is and if they want to change anything, they will, and you should do the same. 🙂 <3

Polen Ulanday

Change start from within each person and never change each other..instead never stop to support each other to the best each one can be..this is what I believe and will always believe in a relationship

Kyle James Marshall

The kicker is to remember to also be the best for you too. A relationship should motivate you to want to be better for yourself and that other person but not change your individual identity. After all, the person that controls our happiness and our future is ourselves, not anyone else.

Christian Simeon

They have to first understand your love for them. To alllow you to help them!