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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sobby Singh Hoonjan

A strong woman is one who feel deeply and love fiercely,her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter, she’s both soft powerful, is both practical and spiritual in her essence, A strong woman is a gift to her world ….!

Danni Fitch

I can not express this enough. My recent break up of two days needed this

Kim Schmidt

Nice thought I wish. Some just don’t know or realize just how lucky they were!!

Jason Roberts

If you’re important to your woman, the same rules apply.

Oken Peters

The true expression of love is in our action not in our words. Because with love our actions say more than words ever could .

Timz Revidizo

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James Tomsik

I’ve chose one along time ago. But me an my life issues have kept me away. An I’ve now lost that moment. But will never give up or walk away…

Brian C. Farmer

She’s got to want you to choose her, at the end of the day. If she’s made up her mind that you’re not enough, all the choosing in the world will still be an exercise in futility.

Karlin Neveln

Things don’t always work out when you do this, I recently took your advice here and ended up in the complete opposite direction of the goal…

Ezequiel Arce

And what about the guys don’t they deserve to be reminded as well where is the equality behind this page there is a woman I tell you playing with the way you think.

Esther Palenschat

Always. Love is action. It makes a choice and it shows up..in whatever way that it can…verbal, physical, emotional. Think about it. If we as humans only say or “feel” love and do not actively choose to participated in the demonstration of that how else does it show up in this manifested world? Without our active participation and CHOICE to take action, then it is only a mental exercise, a reaction to chemicals in the body, and of no real value in the physical realm. Love is a feeling as a catalyst, then is is a choice to action, then… Read more »

Crystal Rios

I think men also need to be reminded that they are important as well. My boyfriend takes very good care of me, so I feel it’s important to take care of him as well.

Colleen Cy

I’m done trying. I’m choosing me for once because waiting for someone to change into the person they should be and meant to be isn’t supposed to consume me. God will show me what to do through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I’ll know if the change is real or not and go forward according to Him. I’m being prepared for what lies ahead of me. It’s an awesome feeling to know He loves me, will take away all that shouldn’t be, and how to be if either things explode with good or bad. Stinks that I can’t just… Read more »

Lisa Hudson

Actions are necessary in every sense, but words (written or verbalised) are just as important to many. Particularly if your primary love language is words of affirmation

Tanya Kruzzette

Depends on her over language, if she’s a words of affirmation kinda girl, like me, she needs to hear it, repeatedly. Flowers are nice, gifts are nice, but for me… holding me close and telling me I am wanted is what goes straight to my heart.

Zach Jacobs

You know, men deserve to be treated the same. When men clean, do Tyner dishes, laundry help more with the kids and tells you often that you’re beautiful or makes you lunch dinner or breakfast, remind them they’re special also.

Arlene Latona

My Son-IN-Love Stephen Kuclo gives my daughter Amanda Kuclo roses on a Monday…. for the only reason that she is his woman. Class act for sure. Thank You Stephen for loving her sooooo.xoxoxox

Donna Older

People show their affections in different ways depends on the individual