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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Pooneh Tanaeim

That is true unfortunately ….
The key is to keep the faith …
Every one of us gets hurt- that’s part of life and relationships.
I opened my heart to the wrong man….
I’m praying to god a good hearted man enters my life someday…. ??

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

Generally people close them selves off one to heal and then they do open up again countless times, yet half the time they get hurt yet again by being led on to believe in someones emotions and yet that person shows no signs of backing up the words that come out of their mouth , so yes women do close them selves of and they have good reason to. It’s called protecting your heart.

TJ Patel

I like this but disagree…there are many of us who have been hurt but we’ve grown and still want to be loved but the men out there simply want 1st, 2nd and 3rd base before even asking the lady out on a date!!! #imnotaboutthatlife

Karla Varela

yes, met many and it is sad not see them open or enjoy it.
It hurts to be hurt like a tsunami of pain… but when you are loved is like a rain of candy… wonderful!! I <3 being inlove (when I am inlove hehe)

Nilanjon Akhi

Love is precious things…some people doesn’t know how to love someone even they don’t know meaning of love…it doesn’t mean we close everything…..have faith nd believe in yourself… So that everything goes to smoothly nd happily….?????

Tracy Smith Bowers

Unfortunately, that is exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m so sick of being hurt by people who say they love me when their actions say they do not. Love is not supposed to hurt. Back to building my protective wall!

Jermaine McBride

I’m currently single and actually gave up on love. But…the stubbornness of friends and family constantly persuade me to don’t give up and give it another chance and time. So here I am giving it another chance and being patient.

Lorraine Francis

True…. Cuz they love too hard and are scared to lose their special one, but they get hurt it becomes hard for them to be loved as they fear to give themselves a second chance to trust someone again…

Betty Be

Once I had opened my heart to the wrong man ?and then I promised myself never allow anyone to hurt me again because love is not supposed to hurt . But I still believe love is an amazing feeling.

Sarah McNea

I use to do this now im at the point in my life where I’m not even looking for it im focusing on myself and taken care of my kids thats all I want to do.

Lea Perez Miller

This was me for the last 2 years because the thought of loving someone again scared me. .but who knew all I needed was the right man to love me.

Russell Ledet

Shit! At this point what do you have to lose, we already went through everything except the relationship.

Joshua Montelibano

It isn’t that we close oursevles from being loved… It’s just that we try to find more important things in life to keep ourselves busy… My first love in life is cars sooo…

Joey Phipps

It’s better that way. Your joy will turn to ash in your mouth. The memories you cherished will be the ones that torture you. I’m tired of learning that lesson

Shay Bella

Time heals all wounds. Just gotta find the right man/woman to be patient enough to wait for you and guide you towards it. This process can never be rushed.

Tiffany Love

I promised myself 10 years ago I would never allow anyone to hurt me again. If I die alone so be it. Nothing compares to heartache. It’s the worse feeling ever.

Michael Bornnard

I just prefer being single. Nothing to do with being hurt and sometimes being alone is better than being in a relationship.

Elba Roman

I guess maybe that they have never really experience love, the real kind of love, because if they really were to fall in love they will discover what life in reality really is all about. We should never give up on love just because we don’t want to get hurt, because love never hurt, but save us, and purify our souls make us strong and guides us through our existence, without love life has no meaning, love is survivability a reason to keep moving forward to seeing all of your dreams come true.

May Vang

Don’t feel discourage because Things he didn’t workout with other peoples.. God removed them out of your life for a reason.. Trust I me know.. I had couple fell relationships and it hurts like hell.. But I now see it why it didn’t workout with them.. God have a better plan for me.. Those relationships that didn’t workout, it’s because they were not met to be in my life. They were just a lesson.. Learn to love Jesus and put him above everything, because he is enough.. Let him heal your heart first and let him put your broken pieces… Read more »

Chandan Jha

I just want to share my story. I had fallen for a girl in 2013. And I loved her like anything in this world. And suddenly after 1 year I found myself cheated. Anyhow slowly slowly I came out from that shock. Then I thought I will not fall in love again, love is just waist of time and so on many thought came in my mind. Then after some time one my friend told my that she love me, she love my nature, she love my smile and bla bla bla. We were felling top of the world but… Read more »

Haleiwa Short

I don’t think everyone’s closed off. Maybe guarded but the right person with all the patience and right actions would help us put our guard down because everyone wants love. We’re human. Meanwhile, I’m working on being the best person I can be, creating many great things to bring to a relationship and making myself a great catch.

Valerie Foster

Never made that mistake. Sometimes, it wasn’t a good decision. I have to say, I’m glad my heart doesn’t stay cold for long. I love like I’ve never been hurt and it’s paying me back 10 fold. No 2 relationships are alike.

Dharti Bhatt

yes I’m scared of being hurt. but I’m feel happy bcoz a all that person teach me a great lesson. whatever they may be my best friends, cousins or lover.

Conrad Soabas

It’s easy to be guarded after you’ve been hurt a couple times too many. Some even get to bitterville after just the first fall. That’s all fine and good and everyone is free to do as they wish. But don’t be that person that says ”I’m the best thing to happen since bread, everyone ain’t shit. And everyone should bow to me.” No you’re probably a shifty individual, and your massive ego makes you think you’re untouchable, only to then send you cowering when the fear pops up again. If you are truly serious about finding a partner, maybe stop… Read more »

Samuel Akinwumi

Sickness make you value good health, evil the value of good…i believe getting hurt will make you value a true love…no pain no gains