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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Mah Valenzuela

Indeed. And he’d probably choose to stay with a weak woman whom he can overpower and dominate no matter how he will suffer of that burden…

Rich Morris

There is a difference between a strong woman and an emotionally unavailable one.

Joel Russlett

I was once a weak man who loved a strong woman. When she left, being weak was no longer and option. The pain I felt from that made me strong. Now I know it will never happen again.

Ryan Brice

And a weak man?
Define a weak man. Because as far as I was aware, a woman makes her man weak either way. Mine does. Weak to my mind, feelings. Everything.
What makes you weak, doesn’t mean you can’t take good care of someone strong.

Jamal Winters

This is a joke right???? A strong woman can make a weak man strong.

Sheryl Arnes

Exactly true. If you find a woman that’s a good woman, don’t take your eyes off the gold for a moment to gaze upon the gold plated. Let her capture all of your heart and you will finally have happiness and peace you never thought possible.

Liezel Lamadrid Legaspi

Going out tonight changes into something red He’s mother does’t like that kind of suit.
Everything that he never had he’s showing off.
Driving to fast moon is breaking through he’s hair he’s heading for something that he wont forget.
Having no regrets is all that he really wants.
Were only getting older baby and ive been thinking about it lately.
Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes everything that you’ve ever dreamed of disappearing when you wakeup but there’s nothing to be afraid of even when the night changes it will never change me and you..


Rachael Mattox

Bullshit!… if a woman is strong and decent then she will help him to overcome his weaknesses and help him to become strong. Woman that don’t do that are not worthy of that man! Because in life you do not judge what you don’t understand, you help people and if you can’t do that then walk away because another strong woman will come along and do it

Solomon Igioh

they say! two captain can not be in one ship. so how can a strong man live with a woman that is also strong? it will be Mr and Mrs Smith the movie.one has to be weak for the other, if there is love and understanding, they will live peacefully.

Gelan Mirafuentes - Arabis

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Solomon Igioh

all this talk of who is strong and who is weak, is the reason some women are still single. you can’t be the head in a relationship.

Elisa Asturias Mass

I think this goes both ways. Respect, love and harmony is important. And never to forget that it’s a partnership!!!!! Nothing will last while you’re both treating each other with disrespect and being manipulative. There is nothing ‘strong’ and loving about that. You both will set the tone for a relationship. If you must make someone weak, make them weak in the knees!!

Marcus D Whitmore

Depends on what you mean by strong. A strong woman won’t let a man disrespect her. A strong woman does not emasculate her man.

Violet Price

Weak men are intimated by strong women. They will use their words to try to cut her down, trying to undermine her confidence. A weak man tries to control and manipulate a strong woman, but she won’t have it. Relationships should be about mutual respect. A weak man shows through his behavior that he doesn’t respect himself and therefore is unable to respect anyone else.

Alex Ipri

Another word for strong women is damaged hoe so there for no one can handle her cause that her way of making her self feel better saying she had weak men ha ha a good women strong or weak should respect her man and not out then in ducked up situation cause she can’t be socialize

Chris Alcantar

Strong women are 99% of the time toxic bitches with one or more more mental disorders who are cold hearted, disattached people who are sluts,attention whores, drinking problems,control freaks with ocd,anxiety ridden with depression that view thru their tainted construal that treating a good guy like fucking shit is being a strong woman.
A strong woman is a loving,caring,humble,educated,intelliual, that’s intelligent,patient,no anger issues without dual disorders

Haleiwa Short

I don’t understand why men claim to be attracted and desire us strong women but from experience try to change us.

Stephanie Herrera

THAT IS SO TRUE, but they call us high maintains or say we think were better than everyone else, TRUTH being we are because the next time u run into your ex and his new girlfriend she sounds like she 12yrs.

Ruuby- Gollriz

I know i very Weak Man that i had to leave him for my good, i am so happy for my right and my happiness i have more peace now.

Memeomer Memoaljabri

I hope every man has more courage than woman… I want my Man stronger than I. One thing I knew that the Man first then the Woman GOD made..

Evelyn Maralit

Hahaha, that’s true… and they try to avoid that type of woman. Empowered, independent , loving , decisive …they may even resent with hidden hostility. I hope my guys frends are strong enough to be with me .

Bohuslav Blazko

Weak …is only when He doesn’t receive Her love…when He has to beg for her love….but they are both strong when they don’t have to daubt feelings….but sometimes seconds without loving men are alike ages….and this makes women weak…