Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Irish D Frank

Yes. Without proper communication, trust, commitment, loyalty and understanding..no matter how much you love each other, without these..it’s not gonna work. But if you really love the person, really these things are not hard to do. 🙂

Bridget Gardner Hill

Good sex.. No great sex.

Mervyn Sinaga

But patience, effort and commitment is love. The other stuff like romance is just other stuff like romance.

Gemini Adlaon

without trust ,no proper communication
Hiding something ,not being contented ,flirting to other
Love doest work ..

Neetu Mani

love is just the beginning….to keep it going….you need compassion, passion, trust, efforts….sharing, caring….all with love <3

Bibi Sharifan Aziz

Oh yea one make all the effort still other saying oh she or he is good too good for me and still looking to end that making all kind of excuses what u call that relationship is not that he or she sacrifices enough ppl should get real and stop hurt innocent ppl

Mansoor Elahi

Once you commit love someone feel dead for the world. Love is a suicide you are useless for others. I will fight you i may become mean at times but i can never leave you alone i don’t know why it’s so. I am 100% committed emotionally with all my feelings and from the depth of my heart you believe it or not, i have no way to prove you

Brid MacBhloscaidh

Yeah…and whats the point if only one of you is making the effort…and the other isnt…it never going to work…walk away…dont look back…meet a person who wants to make the effort

Kim Schmidt

How true. But for this to happen. ..you need to be real .honest. .genuine. ..all that good stuff that actual good people have. Intregity etc most are fakes and would rather believe they’re own messed lies then believe in reality. Smh

Karyn Low

I always say relationship takes a lot of work to make magic..

Clodel Gorin

When we start loving it doesn’t just stop there but continuously keep it going and working for it to remain stable and secure that is why it needs patient and hard work effort for it to survive the odds

Riddhima Tiwari

Patience plays a vry imp part in every relationship…its not only love…but a combination of so many things and sacrifices composes a relationship….n when u lov dat person truely…diz things comes automatically to u…u dont have to try tooooo hard…

Shirley Hughes

It takes a lot more than love to keep a relationship alive