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Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Justin Baumgardner

You know your wife if really out of love with you when she says so, and doesn’t respond to texts like this…I’ve always pictured growing old with you. Holding you at night, holding hands and rubbing our feet together takes away all the stresses and negative thoughts from the day. Just heard “Free Bird” on the radio and completely lost it. I’m deeply sorry I didn’t show you the man I know I can be. I want you to use this time apart to heal in hopes one day you’ll open your arms and heart to me again. Through sickness… Read more »

Teresita Nava

Eh at this point I think my ❤️ is weak…tired of all the bs

Sandie McAdie Robinson

Thats true especialy when your own child hurts you.

Abid Ali

Don’t make love so complicated
just follow the simple RULE

Roy Valbuena

Unless if the heart is still loving that person that hurt you when that person is hurting another, then that heart is stupid.

Tracey Cramp

Especially when the one you are continuing to love is the one who hurt you

Gloria Acosta

Yes it does….. building up to love again is something that is hard to do :/

Nazima Jabeen

And even more strong to behave as if everything is ok

Yong Esther Carol

so sad. why u said that. what hurt? betray? one beaten twice shine. hope u be fine :Z

Blanca Carro

Love Is Love……you should never stop loving, it’s the most beautiful emotion that you could experience.

Mansoor Elahi

If someone is lucky and get blessed with real love which blooms like a rose in your life it takes away every worry of your life and brings its own and makes you busy it does hurt and gives pain but this pain is so sweet lovable that you start loving more than before

Lorraine Francis

If u love someone passionately, then yes jealously and fear of losing him etc will hurt… Cuz loves abides care, respect, trust and honour for that someone… Still believe in loving cuz ppl with stronger hearts believe in showing compassion even if they themselves are brutally broken.

Sonia Sajjad

Betray hurts not love … Sometimes we live together years long but can’t even understand that I am totally deceive by a person whom I am loving soulfully

Fidel Casas

No matter how much I been destroyed..broken..hurt….I haven’t gave up..my poor damaged heart still haves too much love to offer…I guess my heart is very strong….n yes love is the only beautiful feeling that can cure. N heal a broken damage heart.

Marcus D Whitmore

This doesn’t mean go back to the person who hurt you. It means that after you break uo, don’t try to get revenge on your ex. Whether they did you wrong or not. Just let karma do its thing..You’ll be better off.

Vinh Hoang

To me, it’s very simple as
Love is hurt
Hurt is Love