Jan 29, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Maria Jesusa Ornales

When a woman loves herself she becomes ten times better the woman she was before 😊 #JustSaying

Manuel Andrade

As do men! Women should do the same for men, not just men to women!

Henry Ty Goh

James Therbert says –you can never love a woman enough – she’s like a sponge for love

Suk John

When a woman is loved correctly she demands ten times the woman she was before

Matt Strutton

That’s acting under the auspices that a woman can: 1. Accept love. 2. Know what to do with it. 3. Isn’t a terrible person.

James Thanoclesius Hutchison

This implies without being loved correctly, a woman cannot achieve full potential. This is therefore stupid. Nice try though.

Jeff Will

I’d disagree!!! It’s when a woman can love herself!!!! And let’s go of her past

Tasha Mae

More like when a woman is loved she loves you back and it feels 10 times better then when you used to treat her like crap and she keyed your car!!! Haha jk … Maybe

Lisa Parker

A lot of people say they want love until they find out there’s responsibility that goes along with it, like fidelity, honesty, respect etc. What a lot of people really want is a fan(s).

Beth Ashley Miller

I like your page but this is idiotic we do not need to be loved by someone to becoming ten times the better woman. We need to love ourselves to do so

Lynda Barker

This is one of best I’ve ever read. Comfort For The Comforter ~ Perhaps it’s the masculine in her own soul that she needs to feel. Her savior and strength ~ the love she always seeks, yet lives without. Why is this so? For hasn’t she searched the earth for the truth in their words? Always to wake up alone ~ her choice does the choosing but the reason’s the same. They could never love enough ~ and nor were they meant to. Love will not be chained to fear ~ for the heartbeat of life lives in freedom. No… Read more »

Yong Esther Carol

Appreciate for the quote i believe this men is a ordinary person. Knows what is love, happy rich come first and wealth. May this person continue bring good news for female… Congratulate 😀 loves

Denise Petilla

True! But love yourself is better than expecting love from a man 😊 a real love from a man is gift of God!

Brian Helgren

Absolutely true. According to the women I have met worldwide, avaible and not available relationship status. A woman that always loves herself first will always lose the happiness that could of been hers to begin with. Just saying.

Ouafae Allouch

Give her your hand or a simple smile…she will give you her heart… women aren’t complicated…women just need and want to be loved…. loved correctly… with no limits… no conditions…no regrets… just love her like she deserve it and wait for surprisesssss….

Lorraine Francis

When a woman loves herself she fights all odds and becomes empowered.. Independent and strong women love being who they r..

Sandra Pruitt

a woman always multiplies what she’s given. Give her a house she will make it a home. Give her seed she’ll give you a baby. Give her food she’ll make a meal. So give her love she’ll mulitiply herself.

Nikki Nicole

And with God, she becomes an infinite amount of loves.